Advantech FPM-7002 Modular Industrial Monitors

    Harsh production conditions impose additional requirements on all peripheral devices, including monitors. FPM-7002 series industrial monitors are designed for installation in embedded systems with increased reliability requirements, have a modular structure that allows you to configure any video input ports, and supports the installation of NFC and Wi-Fi modules.

    In the article we will analyze the features of industrial monitors and additional functions that allow you to connect monitors at distances up to 400 meters , as well as connect up to 4 monitors in series.

    IP66 protection

    Monitors are designed for use in harsh manufacturing environments and are vibration protected. The front panel is made of solid glass, without gaps and joints, which eliminates the accumulation of dirt and makes it easy to withstand the direct hit of water under pressure.

    The monitor model FPM-7212W is designed to operate at temperatures from -20 to 60 ° C, and can be used for outdoor installations, in cold stores and any other adverse conditions.

    ILink Technology

    Standard display connection interfaces, such as VGA / DVI / HDMI, have limitations on the data transfer length: under good conditions, you can get a connection up to 15 meters away. But this can be inconvenient when the video source is at a considerable distance from the monitor. The proprietary iLink technology allows you to connect the FPM-7002 series monitors at a distance of up to 100 meters using a conventional twisted-pair cable (UTP Cat 6). At the same time, both the video signal and the touchscreen data will be transmitted simultaneously on one cable.

    iLink also supports connecting up to 4 displays in series, in one-to-many image duplication or an individual image on each monitor. This allows you to get a total connection length of up to 400 meters, without the use of additional equipment like KVM switches.

    To output images via the iLink protocol, a special iDoor module, for example PCM-29R1TX, is installed on the computer . When installing an NFC or Wi-Fi module in the screen, it can also be connected to the host computer using iLink protocol.

    Modular system

    The ability to select expansion modules allows you to configure video interfaces and additional functions, depending on customer needs. Two modules can be installed in one monitor to combine different protocols. For example, iLink and ordinary HDMI / DisplayPort, for combining several video signals using the PiP function (picture in picture).

    Interface Expansion Modules for FPM-7002 Monitors

    Capacitive multi-touch screen

    The touch panel is made on the basis of projection-capacitive technology (P-CAP), which allows for maximum reliability and abrasion resistance, since the touch panel is located under a durable glass, unlike obsolete film touch panels. You can use such a screen with or without gloves.

    The screens of the FPM-7002 series have two touchscreen connection interfaces - RS-232 and USB . Both interfaces can be used simultaneously to connect different control systems. This is convenient, for example, when using multiple video sources in PiP mode.

    NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Modules

    The monitor can be equipped with additional wireless modules. The NFC module allows you to use contactless identifiers directly through the monitor screen and does not require the installation of additional readers side by side, which significantly saves space and simplifies system installation.
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules allow you to use a radio-permeable glass monitor to improve the quality of signal reception and eliminates the need to mount additional external antennas.


    Picture-in-Picture allows you to use one monitor to display multiple images at once. In this case, the control signal from the touch panel can be simultaneously distributed between two signal sources. This allows you to do with a single monitor and save valuable space when designing embedded systems.


    The FPM-7002 Series monitors are suitable for installation in a wide variety of industrial systems. Thanks to the iLink function, you can place the monitor at a considerable distance from the signal source, which is important at large facilities. The IP66 protection level and the ability to lock the system buttons on the front panel make the monitors anti-vandal. Thanks to a modular system of interfaces, devices can be configured to individual customer requirements.

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