The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 360 (April 7 - 14, 2019)

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    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 90 Guy is not a hindrance to the expert
    podcastPodcast “Devshahta / Night Frontend” # 75: Where to develop
    videoFrontSpot Show # 5: Konstantin Krivlenya. The bearded story “product vs. outsourcing ”
    videoproConf # 9 VUEJS AMSTERDAM 2019
    video“ ALL YOUR HTML ”# s2e10: “ Phenomenon with Parcel ”
    videoWSD in Moscow, 2019 , recording of the broadcast
    videoMinskCSS Meetup # 6 - April 11, 2019

    Web development

    habrHow to create a dark theme and not harm. The experience of the Yandex.Mail team
    habrMigrating a site to statics: motivation, cost, work
    habrWhy you don’t have to spend your time creating niche thematic sites
    The result of a survey of developer preferences from Stack Overflow
    enFront-end Developer Handbook 2019
    enInline SVG ... Cached
    enWeb development in illustrations
    enTypes of mobile input
    envideoJavascript vs. CSS - More Control Means More Responsibility
    enDo Not Trust Local Repositories: Investigating the Proliferation of Permanent Cross-Site Client Scripts


    What I've never been told about CSS
    The difference between width and flex-basis
    How @supports works
    enAlready 2019. Let's end the discussion about icon fonts and SVG icons
    enA guide to understanding CSS Houdini with comics
    enTricks and tips for CSSBattle
    enAnimating SVG with CSS
    enFollow these steps to become a CSS superstar
    enGet the value of a custom CSS property using JavaScript
    enArtistic CSS web guide using CSS Shapes
    enUsing a mixin to derive math from adaptive font sizes
    enWhy should you use CSS env ()
    enQUIZ: Well aimed? How well do you know CSS selectors?
    ensassyfication: library with Sass impurities to speed up CSS development


    JavaScript support will be added to AMP
    Three Big Lies about JavaScript
    enjQuery 3.4.0 release
    enUsing the Web Speech API for multilingual translations
    enFive reasons why web components can complement JavaScript frameworks
    enKyle Simpson: I forgot more JavaScript than I learned by most people
    enList of 31 most popular JS repositories on GitHub in April 2019


    habrMicrosoft Edge on Chromium is officially available for open testing
    Firefox Beta has added a blocking script for mining and hidden identification
    In Chromium, delayed loading of iframes and images is available. Microsoft Edge test release
    Chrome and Safari removed the ability to disable the click tracking attribute
    Opera 60 (Reborn 3) came out - the first desktop browser with support for the “Internet of the future” Web 3, crypto wallet and free VPN
    enEdge goes to Chromium: what does this mean for developers frontend?


    GitHub completely “deleted” the repository of the blocking bypass utility and the entire creator account
    Google: Frequent crawling does not improve the site’s position
    Soon, Google Docs will start supporting native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats
    Very little evidence remains from the early Internet
    Rights holder Helvetica launched the first font redesign in 35 years
    • The EU has developed a code of ethics for artificial intelligence
    Alibaba founder Jack Ma has stood up for a work culture 12 hours a day, six days a week

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