Evrone and DataArt to hold a series of mitaps in Voronezh

    The first Ruby language meeting will take place on April 20 at the Ramada Plaza. The next one, in early June, will focus on machine learning, followed by two mitaps on Java and front-end development and a large final conference.

    Evrone is best known for hosting the Moscow RubyRussia conference . At this DataArt and Evrone decided to organize a big event for the Ruby community outside of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

    Meeting program

    Oleg Balbekov , founder of Evrone and the RubyRussia conference, will talk about organizing the country's largest conference on Ruby and supporting the open source initiative of developers, explain why he and the famous Ruby and Rails developer Aaron Patterson became interested in the FSO.

    Alexander Kirillov , Technical Director of Evrone, will explain why Ruby technology is still good, and about the place that Ruby and the Rails framework occupy in the world of modern technology solutions.

    Stanislav Mekhonoshin , an engineer from the Toptal Core Team, will talk about typical problems of novice developers, how to hire interns and help them grow faster.

    Timlide Evrone Boris Kuznetsovtalks about the development culture and effective collaboration in distributed teams.

    Sergey Zinoviev , a technical expert from DataArt, suggests thinking about the concept of time: in his report, he will talk about ways to work with this entity, including the implementation of time in Rails.

    Dmitry Koprov , head of the development department of the “Data Storage Center”, will talk about best practices in working with data through ActiveRecord.

    The mitap will be of interest to Ruby developers of any level, and those who want to expand the technological stack and join the community.
    Although the conference program has been formed, speakers can still send a request to kirill@evrone.com. Students need to register .

    Is Ruby relevant today?

    We asked one of the speakers, technical director of Evrone Alexander Kirillov, to answer this question :

    “Many people believe that in 2019 a new web project can be launched only on Go or Node.js. The arguments against the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework are usually three:

    • Ruby is slow and gluttonous.
    • Ruby has scalability issues.
    • Ruby is already old.

    Details on each of these theses (which really often determine the choice of technology) I will dwell on in the report at the conference. But right away I’ll make a reservation that none of them has anything to do with real Ruby development. I will also talk about what makes Ruby stand out from the competition:

    • The framework agreements developed over many years allow you to quickly and efficiently create new projects, as well as support existing ones.
    • An extensive collection of open and free libraries allows you to quickly and easily add new functionality.
    • The framework allows you to quickly modify existing code and add new behavior to the project.
    • Sufficient attention is paid to the key issue of security at various levels, from web requests to working with the database.
    • In addition, in matters of quality, special attention is paid to testing the project at different levels (the testing culture in the Ruby community is very highly developed).
    • Flexibility in working with both the backend and the front-end component of the project allows you to separate tasks for different teams
    • A huge, open community allows us to find the answer to almost any question that arises. ”

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