Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

    Many of you remember our last year fun geek project “ Server in the clouds ”: we made a small server based on the Raspberry Pi and launched it in a balloon. Along the way, they held a contest on Habré.

    To win the competition, you had to guess where the ball with the server would land. The prize was the participation in the Mediterranean regatta in Greece in the same boat with the team of Habr and RUVDS. The winner of the competition was then unable to go to the regatta, instead of him went the second medalist Vitaliy Makarenko from Kaliningrad. We asked him a few questions about yachts, races, port damsels and a bottle of rum.

    Read what happened under the cut.

    What was the feeling of going to the regatta? What was waiting? What pictures did the imagination draw?

    In general, from the moment of the first letter it was as if you were reading on the entertainment portal about the next draw. Previously, I somehow did not win any prizes, and even more so trips to the warm seas, and even with a drive. All the while, he unconsciously awaited a letter - "I'm sorry, everything is postponed due to circumstances." But the closer to the date, the more confidence in the upcoming event. Here is the information on the tickets, I’m starting to figure out what to take with me ... But all the same, everything is postponed until the last day, but judging by the correspondence in the chat, everyone did it. A couple of hours before departure, someone wrote a list of what you need to take. I quickly ran over it - it is, it isn’t ... a sleeping bag - I hope everything isn’t needed, warm clothes - it seems according to the forecast no lower than +10, then we fit. sun cream ... no - quickly shopping, anyway, no. in the solarium - there is, put a tick. everything in a backpack, car, airport, and here it is - the beginning of the journey.

    In general, I really like this moment - the very beginning when I went out on the doorstep, drove out of town or standing at the airport, and everything was ahead. What will be exact is still unknown, but you always hope that this time there will be interesting places and people ... But before I traveled either by car or by plane, and then a week was coming on a yacht. Before that, I was only on pleasure yachts for several hours, so you can’t make any impression. And here is the complete unknown. What kind of beast is this yacht? Big? How many people in general? What do you have to do? Where to live / eat / sleep? Will rocking? Will we climb the guys like in the books about pirates and will the captain send a walk along the board for unfulfilled instructions? In a word, some questions and a desire to try it all.

    The first day at sea. Is everything as expected?

    Since we arrived on the yacht late at night, I really didn’t see anything. Well, the ship stands in the dark, even the size is not really clear. In the evening, we only had time to take a little walk, have a bite and go to bed. The morning began leisurely - had breakfast, a briefing from Captain Andrey - it saved the vests, this is the harness, do not jump overboard, do everything according to the instructions. Well, I think this is for starters, then they will tell what and how to do it. But then Captain Vladimir appears on the yacht, a quick acquaintance and wrap everything up ... Well, yes, the captains command the yacht, the Greeks shout something from the coast from the coastal attendants of the marina. So the training began immediately in battle. They took the moorings, left the marina, removed the fenders and began to set sail. I still don’t know - the fact that on such yachts it is not necessary to climb the masts is it pleasing or disappointing. Reading about pirates looking at some Kruzenshtern you involuntarily recall all this rigging. And here literally four winches, a piano and a helm. In case of great need, one person can manage the whole household, but of course it is optimally 4. In general, by the middle of the day we could very well poison and stuff, hold in the wind and knit a couple of knots leisurely. And after you stand at the helm ... It is quite beginning to feel like a kind of sea wolf. But God forbid that she gape and the sail slam, then the loud shout of the captain will let you down from heaven into the water. For the whole day, everyone managed to get their dose of knowledge, eat their first sea dinner and get salty spray in the face. Managed to chase with arrogant seagulls and cut off the steam and stand in traffic jam in the queue for parking. So in the evening, Captain Vladimir transferred everyone from Jung to sailors,

    In the cinema, all yachts are filled with a chillout atmosphere, cocktails and girls in bikinis. You had a complete set, right?

    Oh yes, there were hopes that the yacht will be equipped with all of the above. Reality, as usual, was harsher. And if our DJ Pavel remarkably managed to maintain a certain chillout atmosphere and create cocktails, as well as some exotic dishes, then there were no girls on board, only our male team. Girls could be observed on neighboring yachts, although there was no bikini, but rescued vests were present.

    How many of you were on the team? What were your responsibilities? Was everything hard-coded? If not, how did you find a deal?

    In general, we had - two captains, three sailors and secret weapons in the form of a DJ. In principle, no one had stringent duties. Everyone could do, and did, everything. The question has just worked out better, and what's worse. Before the trip, I thought that there would be a problem - what to do all day. In reality, time flies by, things are on their own. The yacht does not stand still - someone should monitor the course, instruments, the environment and the wind. The wind has changed, is it time to change course because you’ve come to the point, or just someone need to go around? One at the helm, one at the controls, two at the winches and one at the piano. From time to time, everyone changed places, so everyone went to all roles.

    Tell me about your captain. One eye? Wooden leg? Was it filled with rum? What tales hounded?

    I’m generally from the port city, and I had to go to military vessels and fishing boats at work, so I saw a lot of different sailors. Our captain, despite the absence of external signs (a wooden leg, a blindfold on the eye and a parrot on his shoulder), in terms of experience, would have given odds to John Silver himself. Suppose that in the first days we only managed to listen to commands, instructions and various “anchor you in the liver!”, In the following days the captain showed that he can easily cope not only with the storm and mooring in difficult conditions, but also with the local rum, having left all adventures the winner. And on one of the days when the race was canceled due to the calm, we not only swam in the warm sea, but also heard the captain’s stories, in which there were enough adventures, and shootings, and sea crossings. By the way, about the treasure, a barrel of rum and a chest with the dead were there too.

    How to cope with the race It was difficult to? Did you want to feed some fish?

    Personally, it seems to me that for the team of newcomers, where everyone except the captain first went on deck, we managed perfectly. Certainly there were problems, but everyone tried and did what he could, did not back down and did not give up. In the beginning, of course, it was difficult, but by the middle of the race no one had made particularly gross mistakes, so if you wanted to feed someone fish, they were rivals who could get around at the next stage.

    The biggest achievement and the most fierce team fail?

    The main achievement - we were able. No one gave up, did not leave the deck, everyone fought to the end. There were no emergency situations, no one was injured, the yacht did not receive any damage. One day there were as many as 4 collisions between yachts, and according to the terms of the competition, such a yacht is immediately removed from racing. So the biggest achievement, I think, is not the second place in the difficult stage with a night passage between the islands, but well-coordinated work, where everyone understands almost without a word what is required of him. Therefore, I can’t say that there should be some "fierce fails." Everyone had mistakes, somewhere nature prevented, somewhere circumstances, but on the whole we won.

    How tough is the race itself? Does a personal drone monitor every yacht? Was there time left for the port ... girls?

    In general, the race is positioned as “for beginner skippers”, but still more for those who are not the first time to go to sea. This can be seen both by the way the tasks for the day are issued and by the tasks themselves. We, the newcomers, were never able to meet the specified “four hours on the route”. By the way, a special program-tracker monitors the execution of tasks. We always moored in the marina in the dark, and going out to sea usually after 9 o’clock, so we spent 12 hours on the deck every day. Despite such pressures, upon arrival at the port, forces to explore a new island always remained, though usually the first step was always to visit a restaurant or cafe to restore strength. Well, the concert organized by the organizers of Nike Borzov was visited with great desire and joy.

    Compare your condition when you first sailed from the port and when you returned to it. Felt like a sea wolf? What did you learn?

    Is there a difference "before and after"? I think yes. Maybe not a sea wolf, but he completely endured all the tests, pulled sheets and halyards along with everyone, turned the winches and stood at the helm, scrapped the mast in calls of the wind and knotted knots on fenders.

    Do you dream of sea knots, sailor? Do sirens from the rocks sing sweetly? Would you like to repeat it? Ready to increase difficulty?

    Oh, the nodes may not even dream, but in the first days the ground swayed noticeably underfoot. Again, I wanted out of this gray rain under a blue sky, bright sun and sparkling waves. It was even found out about the local yacht club. But, although the city is a port, and even periodically take place regattas, they all seem to have been made by enthusiastic forces, but it’s impossible to go through official training, get a crust to become yourself at the helm officially. I think in the summer to talk with local yachtsmen, to find out which one of them went this way. Still, the time spent sailing is simply not forgotten.


    Friends, on April 12 we will launch the server in the stratosphere. Like last year, we will hold a contest in which we must guess where the probe with the server on board will land. The main prize will be a trip to Baikonur, to launch the Soyuz-TM-13 manned spacecraft.

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