Global update for displaying results

    Today I am pleased to present you a completely redesigned page displaying the results of testing LED lamps on . Dynamic updating of the table, smart search, tooltips, column management, visual display of the type of lamp - these are far from all the changes.

    The display of the result table can now be customized to your liking. You can turn any column on and off, select the number of rows displayed on the page, turn on and turn off the color highlighting of the difference between the tested parameters and the declared ones. There are three presets, including a minimal display of information, a standard display, and a display of all columns. Each column heading has a tooltip.

    Tooltips work both in the table and in the filter window. A hint has been made for the basement field in the form of a picture with photographs of all the found socles (I hope we will do the same for different forms of lamps).

    Color illumination allows you to make the perception of the declared parameters more comfortable: the color temperature is highlighted in blue, gray or yellow (cold-neutral-warm light), non-standard lamp supply voltages (12 and 24 V) are highlighted in red, gray indicates that the lamp is dull , mustard - filament lamps. Each of these elements has a separate tooltip.

    When you hover over the photo icon, a small pop-up photo of the lamp is displayed.

    Of course, when you click on this icon, a large photo opens.
    As before, the table can be sorted by any parameter in the direct and reverse order by clicking on the header of the corresponding parameter.

    The shape of the filters has also undergone major changes. All parameters are now arranged vertically. Each parameter has a tooltip. Brands are shown in a long list with scrolling, and the list is divided into two parts: at the beginning there are 15 brands whose lamps have been tested the most, then all other brands.

    Intelligent search supports listings, keywords, negatives, masks, and even queries in a common language, such as “a good dimmable candle.”

    In addition to all display updates, two new columns appeared in the table: Rf and Rg are the Fidelity and Gamut color rendering indices of the new standard for measuring the color rendering of lighting TM-30-15. They are not yet in the lamp cards and they are indicated only for the last hundred tested lamps, but soon they will appear in the cards and will be added for all lamps tested over the last year.

    The new results display system can be compared with the old one, still available at .

    In conclusion, I want to express my deep gratitude to the SviMik programmer who created all this AJAX beauty, as well as to all those who disinterestedly work on the project.


    Sergey Andreev , who created the site,
    Anton MelnikovYuri Andrievsky , who created the new mobile application for Android ,
    Matvey Ivanov , who implemented the calculation of the final grade in Excel , created the spectrometer report generator. I also thank everyone who donates money for the development of the project, and everyone who helps with advice. PS In secret, I’ll say that now I am in full swing developing the Lamptest application for iOS. I hope it will be publicly available soon. © 2019, Alexey Nadezhin, creator of the project

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