Intel - sounding new

    In its more than half a century history, Intel has shown itself, that is, has used its technology in many areas of our lives - from children's toys to equipment in stadiums. But just now, the company, created during the heyday of The Beatles and Pink Floyd, turned to music. We must say right away that this is not about changing the great Intel jingle and not about replacing the conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with artificial intelligence. This time, the company's innovations will be heard by everyone. To all interested users of Intel products, and especially music lovers - welcome to cat.

    As it became known from internal sources, from the beginning of the second quarter Intel has been actively planning the development of the musical direction, accompanied by its products. It is well known that when the computer is turned on, the BIOS (UEFI) beeps. One short signal usually means that everything is in order - you can work, but the melody - a combination of long and short sounds tells you that something went wrong, and you can find out exactly (or rather, where exactly) in BIOS manufacturer description.

    This has been the case since the advent of the IBM PC XT and has remained unchanged until now, despite replacing the BIOS with UEFI. And finally, progress has reached such depths.

    All new Intel products preparing for release - processors, chipsets, Optane non-volatile memory modules, both in the RAM form factor and SSD; as well as discrete graphics cards will be able to play polyphonic 24-bit tunes in case of any problems. A specific melody lasting up to 16 seconds can be set in a special application - Intel Sound Control, free download on the Intel website. It is assumed that the application will support both the choice of existing tunes and the ability to download custom ones - for example, cynics can easily install “Farewell Slavyanka” for problems with the CPU, and pessimists - “I will never see you, I will never forget you” when GPU issues. And if for ordinary users this feature will be just a pleasant entertainment,

    The first musically gifted product that Intel will launch on the market will be a high-density server designed to install four second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Introducing the new server at the Open Compute Project summit, Jason Waxman, the company's vice president, even compared it with a well-known to all, one might even say, bored musical instrument - this very moment of the presentation is shown on the KDPV.

    Following the server, other Intel devices will play in a new way, we will see them later this year.
    UPD. Of course, this is an April Fools' post, although it uses a real photo, and all coincidences with reality are not at all random.

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