[Izhevsk and Perm, announcement] Warm and transistor online broadcast CodeFest X

    This weekend, Kontur will host an online broadcast of the CodeFest X anniversary conference in Perm and Izhevsk . This seems to be the largest conference for developers beyond the Urals. At the conference in Novosibirsk there will be 10 sections with presentations and 3,000 participants.

    Photo from the public CodeFest .

    In Izhevsk we broadcast the Backend section. Registration for the broadcast .
    In Perm - sections Backend, Frontend and QA. Registration for the broadcast .

    Come see and discuss the reports in a pleasant company.

    CodeFest X is a good program. Our Grisha Koshelev gnkoshelev will talk about the Apache Kafka architecture and its application in the Vostok open source project :

    Have you tried Kafka?

    Apache Kafka is a distributed software message broker used in real-time processing of large data. The distinctive features of Apache Kafka include: reliability, scalability and high performance. In the report, we will analyze the main architectural features and usage scenarios of Apache Kafka. Consider the unobvious moments and the rake that we collected on the path of the East.

    Grisha performs at DotNext .

    Lyosha Kirpichnikov BeeVee will tell you how to write post-mortem and learn from your mistakes:

    Accidents help to study

    Over the past three years, about 1000 fakaps of varying degrees of epicity have occurred in the circuit. Among them, for example, 36% were caused by rolling out a low-quality release in production, and 14% were caused by iron maintenance in the data center.

    How do I know all this? From the archive of reports that we call post-mortem. Post-mortem engineers are written by duty engineers who responded to the notification of the accident and were the first to understand its causes.

    Why does our team need this archive? Why are we forcing the engineer, who repaired a complex system for several hours without sleep, to write several pages of text about this? This knowledge helps us move infrastructure development in the right direction. What do you need to do right now - to improve the system of collecting metrics or to select admin rights on servers from developers? What will be of more benefit — a new tool for stress testing or the introduction of a canary deployment?

    In the report, I will talk about how to write a useful post-mortem: who should write it, what should be mentioned, and how to implement this complex DevOps practice in a large company, where a few years ago no one had even heard of any post-mortem. Let's look at a couple of examples of real fakaps - admit, you like listening to stories about how someone screwed up :)

    Lyosha speaks at CodeFest 2018 .

    Dima Yakin will explain how the testing of “smart hardware” differs from the testing of familiar web applications:

    Cash Register Testing. The battle for the future

    Big Brother is watching you and this is no longer crazy ... Entrepreneurs of all networks and even your favorite store transmit information about your purchases through online cash desks straight to Big Brother! Hundreds of thousands of stores across the country collect statistics about our purchases every second and the Government knows that you will eat for dinner in 5 seconds.

    I’ll tell you how the cash register software is tested, with what we started to master the untidy field of online cash desks, what problems we faced, and also I will open the curtain, what really happens when you come to buy “dumplings with mayonnaise” in the store.

    2027 year of our era. Cash Machines rose from the ashes of a check tape. Their war, aimed at combating tax evasion, has been going on for a decade, but the decisive battle is not in the future. Here. Today. Today ...

    Dima gives an interview .

    See you at the weekend.

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