Android Q will help to rigidly “tie” a mobile phone to a telecom operator

    After the new mobile operating system Android Q began to publish the first reviews, it became clear that it carries a certain number of positive changes. Opportunities for this OS a little more than its predecessors. This is an updated system of permissions, new wallpaper dark theme, desktop mode and so on.

    But there is not a pleasant moment for the owner of a mobile device with this OS. The platform allows you to "tie" the phone to a specific operator.

    Companies - mobile operators will be able to set the modes in which the phone will be tightly tied to certain networks. There is no official announcement yet, but the developers publish the results of studying the new OS, which do not allow to doubt the above.

    Mobile operators will be able to create lists of allowed and prohibited networks to which the phone can or cannot connect. In this case, the phone can be forbidden to work even with the virtual operator who is the “contractor” of the user's mobile company.

    Restrictions will work in respect of dual-device devices. Now operators can impose restrictions only on smartphones with one SIM card. Android Q extends the capabilities of the operators, so that until the connection to the allowed network to which the SIM is connected from the first slot, the second SIM will remain blocked . The restriction will remain in effect even after the phone is reset or rebooted.

    True, the ability to make emergency calls will still remain.

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