Overview of the Mobile section at DUMP-2019: maximum applied and useful in everyday work

    April 19 in Yekaterinburg will host a conference of developers DUMP . We continue to do section reviews from program directors.

    For details about what awaits mobile developers this year.

    This year the Mobile section is made by: GDG founder in Yekaterinburg, Director of Information Technology at the Medicine of the Future business incubator Rodion Revin, author of ETransport, Android developer at OSOME Maxim Rovkin and iOS developer at Tochka Maxim Keegan. They have the floor.

    For the mobile developers section, we will traditionally present several reports for followers of Android and iOS. This time we can do without VR and IoT: the maximum of applied and useful in everyday work.

    So what we have prepared for you.

    Alexander Denisov, a leading developer at EPAM Systems and leader of the Google Developers Group in Nizhny Novgorod, will devote his talk to Flutter, the fast-growing fashionable SDK from Google. Why you should pay attention to Flutter, what has changed with the advent of this SDK, and how the criteria for choosing between cross-platform and native have changed.

    Pavel Strelchenko from HeadHunter will explain why creating plugins in Android Studio is not at all difficult, and it can be a very useful tool. Pavel will present an express course on plug-in engineering, using his own experience at HH as an example, he will tell you what problems you may encounter and how to solve them.

    Report by Eugene Krivobokov , lead developer from Avito, will be useful to those who are tired of the slow build of the project on Android and IDE brakes. A clip of lifehacks for overclocking the assembly and IDE from simple to complex. There will also be practical tips on tuning and optimizing gradle remote cache and collecting metrics yourself without buying Gradle Enterprise.

    Android Teamlead Nikita Rusin will tell you how they at KODE solve the problem of using a different technology stack on several projects using the “base project” - the starting point of each product, which made it possible to increase the effectiveness of the team. Nikita will share how to create a basic project in his company, what advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and what to do after you have implemented it.

    Mobile Application Development ManagerDenis Malykh from the Ekaterinburg office of Yandex will share his invaluable experience in bringing legacy projects to life. Stale code and projects accepted from outsourcers: how to deal with them. His examples are based on iOS development, but the experience is certainly universal and will be useful to both developers and managers.

    About growth diseases that Sberbank has encountered in mobile development, TechLead will tell Vladimir Tebloev . How to cope with the fact that at some point in time a large number of people start working on one application, and how not to lose control of the system, even if it has grown to the scale of an enterprise.

    For iOS developers, we have a report with the intriguing title “The Dark Side of iOS Development”, which will focus on Private API. The senior developer of the Yandex division in Minsk, Nikolai Volosatov, will lift the curtain on the hidden system API and, based on the experience of his team, will give recommendations on the appropriateness and consequences of its use.

    Writing your own rules for Lint is fraught with pain: mainly because there is almost no information on how to do it in the public domain. Igor Talankin of Tinkoff will share practical tips on how to write, debug, and test their own checks for Android Lint. It will also show that such checks can eliminate “stupid” bugs and reduce testing time.

    All reports from last year’s conference can be viewed on the YouTube channel. The

    full conference program and registration are available on the conference website .

    We are waiting for you on April 19 at DUMP . Come, it will be interesting!

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