The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 357 (March 18 - 24, 2019)

    We bring to your attention a selection with links to new materials from the frontend area and around it.

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    podcastPodcast “Devshahta / Night Front End” 73: Questions about arrow functions and experimental modules in Node.js
    podcastPodcast “CSSSR” News 512 - Issue No. 43 (16.03 - 22.03)
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 88 Corporations destroy OpenSource
    podcastpodcast “proConf” # 2, FrontEnd Con 2018 . In the podcast, the facilitators discuss technical conferences, from Highload ++ to Bulbacon
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # s2e7: “Flying Triangles”
    videoOn mitap # 3 from HTML Academy : live discussion about juniors in the frontend with Andrey Melikhov and Alexei Simonenko

    Web development

    habr“It's time to get out of the front-end”: Andrey Sitnik about stagnation of the community, open-source and more
    Front-end craft
    enTop 5 megatrends of front -end development
    enWeb development trends 2019
    enAll about mailto: Links
    enSeries of articles about web components : from introducing and creating a custom component from scratch to encapsulating styles and structure with ShadowDOM and advanced tools
    enHow to make a progressive web application from your existing site
    enSVG Circle decomposition in Paths
    enHow to create smooth WebGL transitions when scrolling using Phenomenon


    habrWhy it is impossible to set the font size of the visited link
    Things in CSS that no one has ever told me about.
    enAdd SVG filters using CSS
    enFolded borders . Eric Meyer on creative options for combining border styles.
    enCSS gets trigonometric functions to help web developers avoid JavaScript
    enComplex CSS breaks
    enBlurred CSS borders
    CSS envisibility
    enEverything you need to know about word wrapping in CSS
    enFlexulator - Space allocation calculator when using Flexbox
    enFinally, a CSS solution for: hover on touchscreens
    Periodic table in HTML (built using CSS grid)


    habrDevelopment of simple modern JavaScript applications using Webpack and advanced web technologies
    enHome page for JavaScript specification
    enIntroduction to RxJS concepts in vanilla JavaScript
    enHow to use JavaScript to determine which color scheme a user prefers

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enconstruct-js - A library for creating byte level data structures.
      enfromfrom - a library for transforming a sequence of data from one format to another
      enCrumbsJS : a lightweight library written in vanilla ES6 for working with cookies and local storage.


    enFirefox 66: Sound of silence
    Release of Firefox 66 : block video with sound, smooth scrolling, tab search. Plus, details for developers on Marat Tanalin’s blog
    Opera has released an Android browser with built-in VPN
    Mozilla has released a new Firefox browser for iPad
    Google will give European Android users the opportunity to choose alternative search engines and browsers
    In Chrome, they transferred two popular features from Microsoft Edge
    enI surfed the Internet for a day in Internet Explorer 8
    enFirst look at the new Microsoft Edge browser on the Chromium platform

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