Tesla autopilot learned how to determine lane changes in neighboring cars

    Tesla Inc is gradually improving the Autopilot system. A recent update added two new features - the detection of brake lights and the detection of a lane change by another car. In the latter case, there may even be an implicit intention that the autopilot recognizes.

    When a lane change is detected by another car, the autopilot reduces the speed of the electric vehicle. All in order to make room for a car that changes lane and does not create emergency situations.

    Previously, the autopilot could behave a little strange in the conditions of a busy track. So, the driver could be baffled by deciding why the electric car slowed down - because of the car in front, because another car is trying to change lanes to the current lane or there is some other reason. These maneuvers were called “phantom” braking, the driver simply did not understand why the electric car slows down.

    Tesla has now taught Autopilot to help other motorists . So, if an electric car “sees” that a neighboring car is trying to change the lane to the one in which Telsa is moving, then the latter slows down to give a place to the car replacing the lane.

    As evidence, you can cite a video in which everything happens exactly like thatas described. The video was posted by Reddit user with the nickname privaterbok. This person is the owner of Tesla with the latest version of autopilot 2019.5.15 at the moment.

    The video shows a Mercedes with the indicator turned on. The car changed lane to the lane to the right of Tesla. Then it pauses and begins to go into place in front of the electric car. The latter in this case demonstrates to the driver the situation on the road and starts to slow down.

    As far as you can understand, Tesla taught their electric cars to respond to a turn signal or the speed of neighboring cars. Previously, that the autopilot can respond using the method described above, one could only speculate. But now electric car enthusiasts have reliable evidence.

    And this is in addition to the fact that Tesla began to distinguish markings on the roads without any problems. Elon Musk relatively recently announced that the company's electric cars will soon learn to work in conditions of active traffic on the roads. With the update 2019.8.3, the company added a note about updating the “Auto-stop brake light warning” function: The

    new function enables the car to independently respond to one or another external factor (for example, a car driving in front that changes lane). As far as you can understand, Tesla not only increases the safety of driving in an electric car, but also allows motorists to be more polite, if I may say so. In principle, the company continues to follow its principles and pay close attention to various situations on the road.

    According to Elon Musk, Tesla electric cars will become leaders among electric cars. All thanks to the price and the desire of drivers to test the "car on electricity", which, in addition, is able to protect its owner.

    This year, he is going to launch a fully autonomous electric car, as previously announced. But almost all experts in the field of robomobiles say that the likelihood of cars with a fifth level of autopilot autonomy by the beginning of 2020 does not look too believable.

    In general, the current Autopilot is in fact not a true autopilot. Yes, Tesla advertises a “fully autonomous system”, but it has not yet appeared on sale and is unlikely to appear in the near future. The company has some developments (in terms of creating a full-fledged autopilot), but all of them are either in a testing state, or await the approval of the regulator, or both.

    Some experts doubt that Tesla can create a real autopilot without hardware refinement of its system . The problem is that there is no lidar in the system. He is in robots from Waymo (a subsidiary of Google), Uber, GM. But Tesla has no lidar. According to Ilon Mask, it was necessary to refuse this element for a number of reasons. So the engineers left only a radar and cameras.

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