Boring Company Ilona Mask is ready to assist in the construction of a giant European accelerator

    Ilon Musk never sits idly. He has many projects, and he pays attention to everyone. Now the entrepreneur is actively promoting his company, which is able to drill excellent tunnels in virtually any rock. He recently opened a test tunnel in California , and now offers his services to CERN.

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research is planning to build an accelerator of a new generation, the length of the tunnel which is five times higher than the length of the LHC tunnel. Its total length will be 100 kilometers. Well, since the “Future Ring Collider” will be located in the outskirts of Geneva, the tunnel will have to be laid in very difficult terrain.

    The project director asked Mask how much the services of his Boring Company would cost for such a large-scale project as a collider. The entrepreneur did not name the amount, but stated that he could save CERN several billion US dollars.

    Information about the meeting of the director of CERN and the head of the Boring Company has been confirmed - this was stated by the head of the CERN Press Relations Department. He also said that the organization is always open to the use of new, cost-effective and efficient technologies, including those that can help build the tunnel that is needed.

    In addition, Musk offered his services to the authorities of Australia, more specifically, to representatives of Sydney. The entrepreneur was asked how much a tunnel through the Blue Mountains could do . If you drill through them, this will allow the region to breathe more freely, paving a new road. Now the traffic here is just terrifying, constant traffic jams and problems.

    By the way, in his tweet government representative tagged Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brooks. He is a co-founder of Atlassian.

    Musk replied that the price of the tunnel is $ 15 million per km (two-way high-speed transit tunnel). The total cost of the project is estimated at $ 750 million plus $ 50 million for the initial and final stations.

    According to the same Mask, the cost of laying a tunnel in densely populated regions, if using traditional methods, can be about $ 1 billion (this is not a typo) per mile. In the case of the Boring Company, this is only $ 24 million per mile. The difference is more than visual. At the same time, the company is constantly working to improve its equipment in order to accelerate the construction of tunnels at the same time as their construction is cheaper.

    According to Mask, underground transport tunnels in cities can be an excellent option for land transport routes. Here we have in mind not the track, but a kind of conveyor of electric platforms that transport ordinary cars at speeds above 200 km / h. As far as one can understand, speaking of the Blue Mountains, Musk and his interlocutors had in mind precisely such tunnels.

    An estimate of the cost of building a new type of transport infrastructure was criticized by representatives of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) . In their opinion, the installation of ventilation and auxiliary infrastructure in the mountains will significantly increase the total cost of the work.

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