6 useful resources and services for potential emigrants to the USA, Germany and Canada

    Recently, I have been actively interested in the topic of moving abroad, and in this regard, I have studied the currently existing services that assist IT specialists in moving. To my surprise, far from many projects help potential immigrants. So far, I have selected six sites that seemed interesting to me.

    Numbeo.com : Cost of Living Analysis

    One of the best sites for potential immigrants. It is collected, it may not always be 100% correct, but close to reality, information on the cost of living. With its help, you can not only learn about the cost of products and rental housing "in a vacuum", but also compare prices with your hometown.

    In addition, the site’s developers have created a service calculator of the cost of living based on the conditions of a particular person - the presence or absence of children, desires to visit cafes and restaurants often, plans to buy a car, etc.

    SB Relocate : US Professional Immigration Advice

    The service offers advice for IT professionals and entrepreneurs. His team prepares personalized recommendations based on the user's introductory introductory notes - after filling out the questionnaire, he will be provided with information on suitable types of visas (including not very obvious ones, such as visas for talented O1 people), they will be introduced to lawyers and other specialists necessary for moving, they will talk about the necessary steps to strengthen your visa application, etc. Consultations can take place in the form of a video call, chat or email.

    The main feature - the user is given contacts only by professionals with whom the creators of the project have personally worked before.

    Paysa : Analysis of the distribution of US salaries by occupation and geography

    The Paysa service aggregates salary data in the technology sector that American companies offer. With it, you can find out how much developers are paid in Amazon, Facebook or Uber, compare the salaries of engineers in different states and cities.

    Moreover, Paysa can show the most profitable skills and technologies. For those who are considering first studying at an American university, there is an opportunity to see the average salaries of their graduates and go to the university that trains the more affluent specialists in the future.

    Ru-De FAQ : a free database with all the necessary information for moving to Germany

    Familiar to the sheer number of recent migrants to Germany. This is a free and comprehensive knowledge base supported by enthusiasts. In it you can find templates of various documents and certificates, interpretation of laws, recommendations on finding a job, an apartment and moving.

    In general, it is from here that all those who think about immigration to Germany should start.

    It 's time to blame ”: information from the residents of the selected city in the desired country

    The essence of this service is to connect potential immigrants with those who have already left for the countries of interest to them. The site selects an expat for consultations based on the entered data - for example, about the country, city, and method of moving. The system gives a list of people who live in the right place and moved in a similar way.

    Then a consultation takes place in the chat - its cost is assigned by the expat, who gives out the data. Maybe zero.

    Global Skills : Helping Engineers Relocate to Work in Canada

    A platform to help relocate technical staff to Canada. It works like this - the applicant must fill out a questionnaire, which indicates the experience, the desired technology. This resume then ends up in a database that Canadian companies have access to.

    If one of them is interested in an employee, the service helps to collect a package of documents for expedited moving within a couple of weeks. At the same time, documents for obtaining the right to work help to apply, including for spouses, and for children - permission to study.

    If you know any useful services for immigrating to the countries of North America or Europe - write in the comments, I will be very grateful.

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