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    Today, I am pleased to present what many have long been waiting for: a full-featured Lamptest application with a fast barcode scanner.

    Five years ago, when I came across the first low-quality LED lamps, I began to test lamps to understand which lamps can be bought and which ones are better not worth it. During this time I tested more than 2500 lamps and fixtures. Test results are published on . The site has a mobile version, but many asked for a mobile application with a barcode scanner, so that you could scan the barcode from the lamp packaging directly in the store and see the data about it if it was tested.

    The first Lamptest app for Android was created several years ago (it is still in the Market now). Its main drawback was that the lamp base was stored in the application itself and for its updating it was necessary to release a new version each time. In addition, there were no filters in the application.

    The new application was created by Anton Melnikov. It uses a quick barcode scanner, the database is automatically updated from the site every time the application is launched. I helped Anton with ideas, catching errors and texts, therefore I am listed as a co-author.

    When the application starts, a list of tested lamps is displayed. The very last lamp tested is shown very first, and then in reverse order to the very first. The list can be filtered (more on that below), and by pressing the yellow round button the barcode scanner starts. As soon as a barcode appears in the scanner field, it will be read. If a lamp with such a barcode is in the database, its page will open. If not, a message appears recommending you see similar lamps of the same brand.

    For each lamp, a lot of parameters are displayed, both declared by the manufacturer, and obtained as a result of my tests.

    The lower left button in the list mode opens the filter panel, with which you can set several parameters at the same time. To close the filter panel, you can swipe it down with your finger, press the back button on the phone, or click the cross in the upper left corner of the panel. I know, I know about a typo. Already correct. :)

    The second button on the bottom panel checks for database updates (they are also checked when the application starts). The third button (with a magnifying glass) opens the search (you can also get into it by clicking on the top panel). The fourth button opens a window for help and information about the application.

    Two versions of the application were simultaneously released: the free and the paid Pro .

    Advertising is shown on the top line of the free version; there is no advertising in the Pro version. In addition, in the Pro version, the following parameters are additionally displayed in the lamp card:

    PF (will appear in the next version)
    Driver type
    Lamp dimensions and weight

    In addition, the Pro version has additional filters:

    Measured color temperature
    Measured power

    And the following filters have more than buttons, but also scales that allow you to more accurately set the filtering range:

    Equivalent to the power of an incandescent lamp
    Declared color temperature

    The free version is fully functional, and the paid version is aimed at those who do not want to see ads, those who want to have "everything to the maximum", and those who want to support the project by buying the application.

    Anton and I tried to find and eliminate all the errors, but for sure something else remained. Please do not be too lazy to report detected errors. In addition, wishes are accepted - we have big plans for the development of the application.

    PS There is no Lamptest application for the iPhone. A couple of years ago there was an attempt to create it, but "something went wrong." If you want to create it, write.

    © 2019, Alexey Nadezhin

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