We are developing a system for evaluating the work of support agents

    Hello! My name is Anastasia, I am Quality Analyst in the Community Management Department of Plarium Kharkiv studio. I evaluate the quality of work of agents with VIP-players, coordinate the development of internal training programs and participate in their creation.

    On the example of the Kharkiv VIP support team, I will talk about a universal algorithm with which you can develop a system for evaluating support agents. The main idea of ​​this algorithm is that the evaluation parameters are based on the principles of communication with players. That is, a service vision is created first, and then an assessment system is developed on its basis.

    The algorithm is this: we analyze what is important for us in working with players, define KPIs for technical support in general, form working principles that will help us achieve these KPIs, and only then proceed to the development of an agent rating system.

    How to develop your system for evaluating support agents

    The development of an assessment system can be divided into 3 successive stages:

    Service vision is a statement that clearly defines the model of your service. It is an instruction for action, translates standards of conduct for all employees, expresses the goals and capabilities of the team. A service vision should be not so much ambitious as realistic, because our task is to promise ourselves and our users what we really can do.

    Based on this statement, the basic rules and recommendations for employees are formed - the "pillars" of the service . Three of them can be distinguished:

    1. Operating standards are the basic rules of service. These include, for example, response speed, courtesy, solving basic questions. This is what is taken by the client for granted and non-compliance with these standards - the first thing that catches your eye.
    2. Service Standards. These are the basic principles of service. They describe the nature of the agent’s interaction with the player, provide instructions on exactly what actions on the part of the company create a high-quality customer experience and satisfaction with the service. This item directly depends on the service model. For example, for our team, a personalized response is the standard of service, since our main focus is working on relationships with players.
    3. Wow effect. This item includes everything that goes beyond the standard client experience, when a company representative exceeds the client's expectations and does more than the player expected to receive.

    Based on these pillars, a system of rules and practical guidelines reflecting standards of support can be developed. For the Kharkov team, we have developed a number of protocols that govern the procedures and policies for user support. We have also written practical guides that reflect our understanding of what “perfect chat” is.

    While the protocols define the procedural part of the work, the manuals help to choose the right vector for chatting and provide ready-made solutions for common queries. The documentation that we developed covers most of the routine work, but leaves agents free to chat. We believe that a creative approach is necessary in our field, therefore, each agent can build a dialogue at his own discretion, relying on a service model. The ability to be open and discuss a variety of topics in the game chat allows you to implement a “wow effect” and go beyond the basic standards of the service.

    A clear description of operational standards, interaction standards and the allocation of space for a creative approach to solving user requests provides the basis for developing a quality assessment system. In fact, what we want to achieve in communicating with users is identical to the evaluation criteria. In our case, the focus of the team is a personalized service and the search for alternative solutions for users, respectively, one of the criteria was the personalization of answers.

    How it works on the example of VIP support in Plarium Kharkiv

    In the Kharkov studio Plarium there is a team that works only with VIP players. Its operating principles differ from standard support, therefore, the evaluation scheme described above is ideal.

    First, I’ll tell you a little about how such a team appeared and what is the essence of its work. Our games are built on the interaction of players: attacking rivals, supporting and defending allies, joining alliances. In addition, users participate in the lives of our communities on social networks, share feedback and recommendations. The most active players often have a huge influence and authority in the gaming community. Preserving their loyalty is our priority, therefore, in some projects, for example, Stormfall: Age of War and Sparta: War of Empires, VIP support has appeared.

    The parameters for determining a player in the VIP category have changed several times, but the main indicator remains: this is a constant and long-term game activity of the user, including deposits. To show how valuable the opinion of such players is for us, we provided them with a personal assistant with whom they can communicate without leaving the game. So there was a VIP chat - a place where players can share their feedback, ask questions, as well as receive various gifts and exclusive offers.

    Select the main KPI

    The main indicator of the effectiveness of our work is maintaining the activity of VIP-players at a high level. All our actions are aimed at keeping users in the game for as long as possible. Of course, the main role in this is played by the quality of the product and social interaction, but we contribute by working with players who are the center of the gaming community.

    To achieve our goal, we work in two directions: we improve the quality of service and establish trusting relationships with players. We create a friendly and constructive atmosphere in the chat: we discuss game preferences, successes and goals, as well as topics that are not at all related to the game, such as work, hobbies and travel. For VIP program participants we offer bonuses to purchases, game items and troops as a gift, as well as send notifications about important game events and updates for them.

    Why we do not focus only on material benefits

    Initially, we were more focused on the development of the bonus system. This had a positive effect on the activity of the players, but was not enough to motivate them to spend more time in the game and in the VIP chat.

    In addition, the “material” benefit that we can offer VIP-players is limited in order to maintain game balance. In addition, the bonus system over time loses value in the eyes of the user and needs to be constantly expanded and updated.

    As a result, we focused on developing relationships with players and improving the quality of service. There is much more room for growth in this direction, and in combination with gaming advantages, a personalized service gives the desired result.

    We determine the principles of work with VIP-players

    Unlike the “classical” technical support, which involves a one-time chat / ticket, in the VIP chat the player constantly communicates with the main agent and sees the history of correspondence.

    The ability to establish personal relationships with the user is our main advantage. This model allows you to learn more about the players, their real life and interests. This knowledge helps put yourself in the place of a player, use a language that he understands and build a dialogue based on the context of the conversation. Having access to the user's history and information about him, we can provide a personalized service - offer solutions based on game preferences and player needs.

    Thus, the basis of our service model is an individual approach. To provide it, we are guided by three basic principles.

    • Empathy

    An individual approach is difficult to find without a deep understanding of human needs. We strive to put ourselves in the place of the player, and this helps us build communication more effectively. A comfortable environment increases the likelihood that players will spend more time in the chat and feel that they can share their thoughts on the game. Understanding the interlocutor and awareness of his needs helps us not to deceive this trust and strengthen relationships with players.

    • Knowledge of the situation, awareness

    Based on information about the user, his gaming preferences and the history of achievements in the game, we can draw conclusions about which gifts, events, discounts he would be interested in. From each agent we expect a careful and attentive attitude to this data and informed decision-making based on it.

    • Proactive approach

    A significant part of our actions is aimed at preventing problems and possible negative reviews. We monitor the decrease in user activity in the game and chat and react to this before the player ceases to be active at all. To do this, we use a database of activity and user actions in the game, as well as a notification system for agents in the admin panel. The system responds to a decrease in the player’s activity or the absence of his messages in the VIP chat and creates a trigger - a task in which the agent contacts the player to find out the reason for this situation and propose a solution.

    Daily communication with the players, understanding of their position, knowledge of the situation and proactivity help us to be one step ahead, effectively build communication (especially in problem situations) and be ready to offer the right solution on time.

    We are developing a quality assessment

    Twice a month, I randomly select ten chats and manually check them, after which I send reports to the agents. They reflect the main trends that are noticeable in chats, the strengths of the agent and aspects that require attention and adjustment.

    In the report, we evaluate the work of agents in two areas:

    1. Compliance with service standards. Evaluation criteria are based on the above principles (but not limited to) and cover the following aspects of the work:

    • the level of personalization of the response (whether the agent took into account the context of communication with the player, his gaming needs and preferences; whether he offered an individual solution when necessary);
    • communication skills of the agent (the ability to effectively build communication with the player, correctly and accurately formulate questions and answers, and also maintain a friendly chat atmosphere);
    • compliance with company policies and internal team procedures;
    • Compliance with the established requirements when working with negative reviews, complaints and when resolving payment issues.

    2. Response Rate for negative ratings of chats from players.

    In the second part, I check how agents worked on low chat ratings from players. Players have the opportunity to evaluate the level of service, and I look to see if there was any reaction from the agent to a low rating, whether the reasons were identified and whether work was done on the errors.

    The existence of a universal service model sets the motion vector of the entire team and allows you to save it in situations not described in the protocols and practical manuals. Service vision helps to unite the personal view of each team member about what service they provide into a single system and configure everyone on the same wavelength. Thus, you give people not a list of hard procedures and instructions, but a vector of building user interactions. At the same time, leave the field for a creative approach and help make sure that you meet the selected standards.

    Thanks for attention!

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