Pavel Finkelstein about Kotlin in production on

    On March 13, 2019, at the office of CROC , a regular meeting of the community of Moscow Java developers was held , at which Pasha Finkelstein talked about his experience in using the Kotlin programming language .

    About Speaker

    Pasha, being until recently an active participant in conferences organized by the Group , since the time of Joker 2018 has also become their bright speaker. He currently represents Lamoda , a division of which ( Warehouse Management System ) has successfully used Kotlin .

    Papers and interviews:
    • “Java in enterprise. 7 proven ways to shoot yourself in the foot and not miss ”( Real Estate Center from Sberbank-2017 : video )
    • “Very few really write a backend in Kotlin” - an interview with Pasha Finkelstein ( Habr, Group blog : article )
    • “Kotlin - 2 years in production and not a single gap” ( Joker 2018 : presentation )
    • “Kotlin - 2 years in production and not a single gap” ( : video )
    • The Story of a Warehouse ( Debriefing, Issue 197 : Audio )

    Other links: Habr , Twitter , GitHub , Facebook , podcast , profile .

    About the report

    Andrey Kogun opens the meeting, recalling the upcoming JPoint conference in 3 weeks , and introduces the speaker. The first part before the break included a version of the report that had previously been presented at Joker 2018 . The number of slides in the current presentation almost doubled, some changes in the content were also noticed. A nice addition was a large session of questions and answers. It was possible to receive answers to questions of interest both during the report and during the break. After the break, the premiere of the new report "Kotlin: How do familiar designs work?" A revised version of the report will be presented at JPoint 2019 . Presentations of the first and

    the second reports, the video will also appear soon (see links below).

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    On April 5-6, 2019, Moscow will host the JPoint Java conference , the program of which has already been formed and tickets for which can still be bought .

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