The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 290 (March 11 - March 17)

    The new digest talks about the idempotency of the API, the struggle between Apple and Spotify, the nominal laws of design, the most earning applications and the pure gold of mobile games.

    Trainee Vasya and his stories about idempotency API

    An API method is called idempotent, the repeated call of which does not change state. There is a subtle point here: the result of an idempotent call can change. For example, when you call the idempotent API to create an order again, the order will not be created again, but the API can respond with both 200 and 400.

    Kotlin as the future of Android app development

    Only a few years have passed since the advent of version 1.0, and the language was adopted by many large companies and developers. All thanks to the fact that the creators of the language managed to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the path - to develop a tool that would be more convenient and safer than Java, but less complicated than Scala.

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    • (+38) How Apple prepares for the era after the iPhone
    • (+14)  We write our network layer on Swift: a protocol-oriented approach
    • (+7)  Signpost: when there are not enough breakpoints
    Spotify sued Apple
    Apple: Spotify wants to take full advantage of the free application without being free
    Apple will host WWDC June 3–7 in San Jose
    Apple will launch new products on March 25
    imageHow the Public Art application works
    imageCreate programmatic interface elements
    imageBest syntax for configurable initialization
    imageUnit testing with Bloc
    imageFlare animation for iOS and macOS
    imageAnimate changes in UITableView and UICollectionView
    CircleBar: beautiful TabBarController


    • (+27)  Coroutines :: practical experience
    • (+24) Jenkins for Android builds using Docker
    • (+10) How to make a mobile game a team of 2 people with zero budget and get featured on Google Play
    • (+8)  Google Play Store switches to standardization of application icons
    • (+7)  Deal with Clean Code on Android
    • (+6)  7 useful tips for those who use Room
    Google has released a preview of Android Q
    imageContext and framework of coroutines
    imageExploring Android P: Priority Buckets
    Does imageyour Android Studio work slowly all the time? Here's how to speed it up
    imageManage your subscriptions with Jetpack Lifecycle and Kotlin
    imageKotlin Guide for busy Java developers
    imageMigrating from Dagger2 to Koin
    imageExploring stable Android Jetpack WorkManager
    imageExploring Android Q: settings panel
    Automating Android application testing with Robo


    • (+34)  Eight nominal laws in UX design (part 1 )
    • (+15)  Custom Coroutines in Unity with preference and courtesans
    • (+12)  Unity: procedural editing of Mesh
    • (+12)  Code readability
    • (+10)  Do-it-yourself Flash animations in Unity3D. Part One, lyrical
    • (+8) Like a squirrel in a wheel or a little about user research in limited conditions
    Podlodka # 102: Multithreading
    Microsoft collects tools in Game Stack
    LaunchDarkly received a new round of financing
    Google library makes iOS applications more accessible
    Aichi Hype: Alexander Lozhechkin
    IronSource launches A / B-tests for advertising monetization
    Google has launched Lookout to help people with poor visibility
    Seeing AI: talking to a photograph
    Redesign of the Tesla mobile app we deserve
    Telegram runs a development and design contest with a prize pool of $ 150,000
    imageTechnical debt - like Tetris
    imageGoodbye, object-oriented programming
    imageBest login screens: UX research
    imageFlutter PlatformView: how to create a Widget from Native View
    imageSelf-confident application design
    imageA complete guide to mobile design Applications
    imageTechnical skills are overrated. Focus on the relationship.
    imageMulti or Cross platform in the Flutter era
    imageHow to create video chat on Unity
    imageCAVIAR: usability research
    imageRebuild Fortnite in 2 months - Unreal Engine and Amazon GameLift
    imageCase of removing negativity from the product
    image35 resources for React Native development

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+26)  Game market, trends and forecasts - great analytics from App Annie
    Dig That Gold rewards players with real gold
    Students use Google Docs for chats
    2GIS added achievements to applications
    Which applications earned the most in Europe in 2018?
    Serial Box: text and audio series
    imageHow to measure the effectiveness of a mobile application?
    imageRequired resources for marketing

    AI applications , Devices, IoT

    • (+73)  Deep Learning - not only seals on mobile phones or how we diagnose locomotive trolleys
    • (+35)  Neural networks have a surprisingly simple image classification strategy
    • (+9)  Like Fukuoka Airport found out what measures will be effective in reducing queues
    Google has set AI to block toxic comments
    A new Bluesphere tripod will hold the smartphone for you
    Tech-digest (January-February 2019)
    imageTop-20 APIs you need to know in AI and machine learning

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