Giving is my "former business"

Hello dear!
I'll tell you about the "business" - chanting. And how much money can be raised on it. I must say right away - if you are not lazy and live in the city of a millionaire - in the summer month it is easy to do about 100-150 thousand rubles, without even leaving your main place of work.
My specialization was: “plastic” - these are the covers of various stocks of drinks and beer: sprite, greenbir, all sorts of cola, a bear, three fat men ... you can list all the products on our market.

But I also did not disdain other actions: cigarette, grocery, etc. - it’s good that if you “bum” with at least one type of code, then they are always happy to exchange them at any Prizolovo forum.

Of course, like all novice chases, I started to collect the caps, unscrewing them, going around all sorts of places in the city, at home I filled codes with them and sold them on the forum. To replenish the balance of the mobile was enough for me and my wife. But he quickly realized that it was not effective. And I thought, why so little things? Give wholesale!

Imagine the lids from the trash? It looks like a mass of plastic mixed with semi-liquid biomass residues, the whole thing stinks a lot, so sometimes you can’t stand it for even a minute “working” with this material.


Here are the stages of working with "plastic", from a wholesaler - a prize:
1. Come to the city landfill and meet at the sorting with the foreman or workers. Agree on the purchase of caps, announce prices, time, other conditions for the purchase and exchange phones. Typically, a purchase in small wholesale pays 50 kopecks per cap. I used to make ruble prices. And in o-o-very rare and profitable promotions of 2-5 rubles.

2. Leave for the purchase of caps "by call" or schedule. It’s better not in the garbage area (so that it is pale), but in a neutral territory, it’s suitable even right outside the gates of the landfill, the main thing is that the authorities do not see it, otherwise there will be questions. Take care of good and tight packaging of the "product".
According to this scheme, it was profitable for me to travel even to a neighboring city for 150 km, once a week, in order to purchase one and a half or two thousand caps

3. The most smelly stage: wash the lids for subsequent “digitization”. In basins, in the bathroom, in the car washes ... who cares. It is better to use shampoo, any detergent-foaming agent: for cleaning floors, windows, body, cars, etc., etc. The main thing is that all the smelly mucus is cleaned well. Everything is washed from two to three stages, with intermediate and final rinsing in clean (possibly technical) water and preferably with bleach.

4. Drying! An important stage, ignoring which, you can still get a hotbed of bacteria and viruses. Dry under a fan on an absorbent (preferably) substrate. The newspaper will come down)). And the final stage is ultraviolet treatment. Natural. Just take out for half an hour in the sun and periodically grow.

5. Stuffing codes (reading and digitizing). It is advisable to outsource to a trusted person. With a volume of about 500 caps, you can type the codes yourself, an experienced stuffer can fill this amount in an hour and a half without distraction. With a volume of 1000 pieces or more, it is better to agree with the person who will do this. For a day of quiet work, you can fill about 3000-4000 caps. Payment here usually comes from the complexity of the code (number of characters and bit depth) 50-75 kopecks. It is rare when a payer is paid for 1 code - 1 ruble. It should be a very “expensive and complicated code” in a good promotion.
The stuffer / tsa usually either comes to your home (then you need to provide her with a workplace: a computer, with a keyboard in polyethylene, tea with cookies and time for rest, good lighting and bags / boxes for covers), or take the covers to the house.

6. Fence codes and covers (if the stuffer is working from her home). In our century, oddly enough, not everyone still uses email. Therefore, it is better to call the codes with a flash drive.
In this form, “codes are typed, for example, a sprite” into a textbook, for subsequent automatic driving into an account:

7. Sale of codes on Priozolovo forums. There is a separate kitchen, but I’ll say that, in principle, at the time of the stock’s popularity, there are no problems with the implementation of codes. It is important to consider many factors affecting supply and demand. But it is better to negotiate with customers in advance and take money in advance.

8. The "plastic" sintering. During the Priozolovsky season (half a year), about 1.5-2 tons of caps can accumulate. Since they are light, in volume it is like 2 “Gazelles” to load. They will have to be periodically stored in the buffer zone (balcony, hacienda removal, storerooms, overexposure of friends) ...
And then, accordingly, we export all this for buying plastic. Typically, the composition of the cover PND - it is bought up to 2-3 rubles kg. Thus, you practically do not earn anything by selling this recyclable material. Purely to recapture the cost of delivery and leave yourself a little benz.

9. In the event that you do not sell codes, but "invest", that is, register all codes for yourself in the stock using a bunch of accounts, emails, SIM cards, etc. - then the exhaust is 2-3 times more. But there are increased risks: being blocked by the organizers of the action. Usually, everything is automated for an experienced prizolov: software for registration, clickers, automatic time stamping of codes on accounts, letter or SMS collector from various “soaps”, SIM cards, IP, etc. This is also a different story. With me (three years ago) there were only about 15 programmers - promoters at the Priolovo forum, who, for little money (or a percentage of the gain), did just for you, any program, for any site.

10. Sales of “prizes”. This is a regular online sale through social networks, forums, Avito, etc. for 75-80% of the actual price of the goods. Or through pawnshops. There are loots that hold pawnshops themselves. In a good way, you have to pay an honest tax on the prize, but in my practice this was not. The promoter submits to the tax information about the winner only if the prize is very expensive: car, apartment and the like.

That's basically it. Now this "business" has already subsided a bit. A lot of money does not raise. Although still there are still wholesalers-traders-promoters-programmers who get involved in stocks and not badly “pick up”. But that's another story.
Next time I’ll talk about the theft and sale of codes from printing houses where stickers and packaging for various promotions are printed.

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