Daimler-BMW-plan. Naturally, not without Tesla

The confrontation between concerns Daimler and BMW can be called legendary. Automarka fought for decades for a leading position in the global market of massive top limousines. And not only limousines. In fact, it is also the confrontation of the capitals of the two most prosperous federal states of Germany.

The more interesting is the news that was voiced today from a joint statement by top managers of BMW and Daimler.

According to information received by the publication "Handelsblatt" from the internal sources of each of the concerns, automakers are actively exploring the possibility of creating an alliance.

And the main topic of cooperation will be, of course, the topic of autonomous vehicles.

Thus, concerns are going to save on the development of several billion dollars.

Each of the concerns has already submitted plans to release at least one model by 2021, "... who can drive the autobahn on their own for at least some time ..." (ie, confident Class-3 autonomy).

A few weeks ago, VW (car maker number 1 in the world) and Ford (car maker number 4 on the planet) also announced the creation of an alliance to develop the theme of autonomous vehicles.

All of the above should be remembered when you next hear the statements of Comrade. The mask that the firm "Tesla" is about to release an absolutely independent autopilot.

With all due respect to the huge and legendary contribution of Tesla engineers, always remember the following:

Mask just chose the trim on the cars. ;)

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I did not invent.

UPD. Invented! Well, for the 10th official publication!


UPD-1: app.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/industrie/entwicklungsallianz-der-bmw-daimler-plan-fuer-das-autonome-fahren/23887612.html

UPD-2: We continue to update.

Currently, BMW is cooperating with Intel and its daughter Mobileye in the development of “iNext”, which has third-level functions. Daimler partners chose Bosch. A potential alliance of automakers can lead to a large-scale rearrangement of forces among automotive component suppliers.

UPD-3: Wonderful comment from LittleSquirrel :

If this news is held it will mean a revolution and a very strong redistribution of cash flows spent on ADAS / AV.

Now most of the Tier 1 (suppliers of subsystems / components) are investing a lot of money in the development, with the sight of BMW and Daimler as two main rival clients in the premium market, where due to the premium it is possible to return funds for development.

If Daimler and BMW agree on cooperation and unification of platforms for L3-L5, then the number of customers will fall to one and the rates will increase significantly. Only two of the current 6-8 applicants for each of the components for AV will remain. Accordingly, if such an agreement takes place, in the near future we will see the winding up of the ADAS / AV program in risk-averse Tier 1, which did not have time to go far and good chances if they did not fly into the pipe, then receive billions of dollars in losses in 3-5 years for those already invested in large.

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