“Rostelecom. DataTalks ”- a course of free lectures on data engineering and data management

    In addition to our core business, we are conducting various educational projects at Rostelecom. February 28 such projects will be more. We will start “Rostelecom. DataTalks ”- a series of lectures on data engineering and data management from seven leading companies in this field. All the details are in this post.

    We will conduct lectures offline, in a large conference room at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (Moscow, 119 Mira Avenue, p. 63; Art-Tehnograd building), on Mondays and Thursdays from 19 to 22 hours. The first lesson is scheduled for February 28, the last - on April 8. Together with partners, we will hold 12 lectures. They are designed for senior students of technical faculties, as well as specialists with industry experience of up to three years. Among the speakers are technical and digital directors who can download theory and practice.

    1. "Approaches to data management: strategic, organizational, technological." Rostelecom, Accenture, DIS
    2. "The evolution of analytical data warehouses." Rostelecom
    3. “Directions and trends of database development. MPP system. Basics of Greenplum. Arenadata
    4. "Hadoop Basics." Modern approaches to Big Data processing. ” Arenadata
    5. “Data Integration Technologies. Approaches to building data warehouses. Metadata management in integration environments.
      DIS Group
    6. “Task decomposition as a central element of analytics. The operating model of working with data. " Accenture
    7. “Work with master data. Clearing client data. HFL

      “Management Reference Data (NSI). Processes and solutions to improve the quality of the NSI. Adastra
    8. “Work with data quality. Profiling, cleaning and DQ monitoring. ” DIS Group
    9. "Management vs. process administration. When the analyst begins and why it is needed. Criteria for the success of the project creation management analytics. Place of analytics in the enterprise IT architecture. ” Qlik
    10. “Modern BI platforms. Criterias of choice. The solution of analytical problems in Qlik ". Qlik
    11. "Agile in data management." Rostelecom

    In addition to lectures, we will give assignments. Some will need to be done in class, some at home. Following the 12 lectures will be a test so that you can check yourself. Following the results of training, we will give certificates. Successfully trained will be able to apply for vacant positions in the field of data management in organizations that participate in the project.

    We plan that listeners “Rostelecom. DataTalks ”will be approximately 100 professionals - 30 young employees from the organizing companies and another 70 third-party specialists. How to get to their number? Fill out the form on the school page: https://datatalks.rt.ru/ . If necessary, we will ask you to take part in an in-person interview and, based on the results, we will select students of the course.

    12 lectures is only the first stage of the program. According to the results of the first cycle of lectures, we are planning to make courses on narrower specializations - for business analysts, developers, system analysts. The next, third level is an even narrower specialization. If a person, for example, has always dreamed of introducing MDM systems, then according to the results of the third stage he will become quite competent in this topic.

    Mitap February 7

    For those who leafed through to the end - a bonus. On February 7, from 19:30 at the DI Telegraph (Moscow, Tverskaya, 7), we are conducting a mitap together with ArenaData. Here is the program:

    19: 30–20: 00. “Migration from Greenplum 4 to Greenplum 5 and a look towards open source”
    Boris Yemelyanov, Rostelecom

    We migrated some of our environments from Greenplum 4 to Greenplum 5. In the report we will explain the reasons for the transition, consider the update process in detail, pay attention to some non-obvious parts and pitfalls.

    20: 00–20: 30. “Hybrid data-platform: manage any data-services in on-premise and clouds. Presentation of Arenadata Cluster Manager (ADCM) »
    Dmitry Pavlov, Arenadata.io

    As the company grows and develops, its requirements for the data infrastructure also change. The number of data applications used is growing, the landscape is becoming more and more complex. The pure on-premise is replaced by a mix of iron, public and private clouds. Arenadata.io has developed Cluster Manager, a unified, modular, free open-source data-services and infrastructure management platform. Dmitry from Arenadata.io will tell you what features ADCM gives its users and how to start using, for free and quickly.
    20: 30–21: 00. Pizza and free communication

    21: 00–21: 30. “GreenHouseSQL is our internal data platform from open components”
    Maxim Vikharev, Alytics

    Alytics is a full-cycle SaaS analytics system. With its help, small and large companies can analyze the ROI of their advertising channels and understand what is profitable and what is not.
    Under the hood, Alytics implements all the components of a modern classical analytics system: from data connectors to delivery, storage, processing and visualization systems. Due to the combination of ANSI SQL, MPP and In-memory, the latest version of Alytics includes a lot of interesting things - complex analytics for session chains, configurable interactive BI dashboards with a millisecond response, second reporting on deep drillings based on non-aggregated data. Without the “classic” “Hadup, s3, presto, druids, verticals, pentahi” and the like. In the paradigm of Opensource and full SQL. At the mitap, the overall solution architecture will be reviewed, as well as individual components. Maxim will tell you in what unusual conditions they are preparing Greenplum, why they need Clickhouse, what is the role of PostgreSQL and how it all works.

    21: 30–22: 00. “Semolina Kafka and microservices”

    Anatoly Soldatov, Avito

    Anatoly will tell you how Avito built a bus of business-critical data based on Kafka and why it is needed:
    1. Select the cereal (comparing different technologies for the tire)
    2. Fill the milk into the pan (cluster setting Kafka from 3 nodes)
    3. We put on fire (performance tests)
    4. We prepare (strapping and architecture on top of Kafka)
    22: 00–22: 30. Free communication
    Registration for the mitap - on the link . Additional information is available on the mitap website . We also remind you a link to the questionnaire for those who wish to apply for training.

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