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    - How to, cottage cheese or cottage cheese?
    - Cottage cheese
    - Thank you!

    Hello, Habr! Usually we do not unload on Friday, but today is a special case: firstly, winter is not so close, secondly - the beginning of spring and the day of cats, thirdly - how much can you pull with this long-awaited feature ?! TL; DR Come under the cut, select a piece of publication and wait for CTRL / CMD + Enter - then you will understand everything yourself. We plan to solve the problem of errors and typos in publications more globally and advanced in the future, but for this we need to redo a lot, including the publication editor. Therefore, for now, we decided to make the option that you asked for from us - the ability to send information about errors in publications through kotkey. The operation algorithm is as follows: 1.

    Select a fragment of the text with an error (any - grammatical or punctuation, at your discretion) in the publication;

    2. Press the hotkey CTRL + Enter (or CMD + Enter);

    3. A form appears in the bottom of the screen in which the text highlighted earlier (in point 1) will be cited, as well as a field for an optional explanation.


    4. Click "Submit." The author of the publication is formed a letter (on behalf of the person who sent the typo) in private messages, which looks something like this:


    5. We do not lose hope that the author will quickly notice the message and correct the sent typo.


    1. The feature works only in publications;
    2. There will be no features in the mobile version;
    3. You can select at least the entire publication, but only 220 characters will fit into the quote, so it is better to specifically indicate the word with a typo. In the accompanying comment, you can drive a maximum of 500 characters;
    4. 1 typo = 1 message (in dialogue with the author of the publication);
    5. If you select a fragment that someone has already sent to the author of the publication, you will be notified about this:

    6. ReadOnly- and Read & Comment-users will have captcha added to the message sending farm (only for the first message to each new author).

    There are at least 10 typos in this pooling - you can practice. Have a good weekend!

    PS If someone missed, then the other day we launched a donation .

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