Black mirror or Picooc ad?

    Commercials. A normal person transfers them in one case: when he urgently needs to take a break in the video marathon. Unfortunately, word of mouth and social networks do not always work efficiently, so companies are still forced to resort to video advertising. We always tried to post content for which it would not be excruciatingly embarrassing. Our latest Picooc smart scale campaign proves that advertising can be truly worthy. See what happened.

    The video was produced by Russian video blogger Yegor Loskutov. Filming was conducted in conjunction with DOPE Films studio and director Boris Kazantsev. Starring friends of Loskutov and well-known bloggers on YouTube: Mikhail Kshishtovsky, Eugene “Topa” Popadinets and Dmitry Karpov, aka “Syuduk”.

    The main source of inspiration was the satirical British series Black Mirror, but the script itself is original. In addition, some ideas are gleaned from Apple's presentations and Ex Machina. Although this is an advertisement, the project came out non-profit and experimental for all participants.

    This is not the first non-standard Madrobots product ad. For example, two years ago a video was released about the iZi jumpsuit , which was shot by the Cheboksary studio “Intellectual film”. And last spring - anotherA short but dramatic video about Picooc's own production scales .

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