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Introducing the new communication widget for your Wordpress site from the creators of PBX 3CX!

Upon entering the site, the visitor has a small widget (communication panel) through which the client can communicate with the staff of your company. New plugin 3CX Live Chat and Talk works with 3CX v16 and higher. Calls from the plugin are sent to the PBX via the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) gateway integrated into the PBX, and are completely free.

Features of the 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin for Wordpress

  • Visitors can communicate both in a chat, and a voice, and even connect video - in one click!
  • The plugin is completely free for your company. No subscription and no hidden fees. In fact, for a PBX user, this is a free incoming telephone line.
  • Connects in a couple of minutes. Install 3CX> Install Plugin> Communicate.

We tried to implement the widget as simple as possible for the visitor - the latter simply starts a chat, or presses the Audio or Video button - and communicates with your employee (or a group of employees). No special applications, instant messengers, subscriptions to services, or "callbacks after 30 seconds" (which often simply do not work because of some inconsistency with the employee). Your own decision on your corporate PBX! And huge savings on number 0800.

The main advantages of the widget from 3CX for your company:

  • Simple communications (consultations) with your employees. One button - and immediately to the sellers.
  • Fast communication, without failures and with excellent quality, independent of the service provider, makes the site visitors more loyal.
  • A large number of requests are now supported by the updated Queue service in 3CX v16.

  • Sales managers can respond to a request from the site via 3CX web client or 3CX free apps for iOS and Android.
  • The ability to video contact with the user is better suited for solving some problems. This is especially true if the problem is easier to show than to explain (medical problems, equipment malfunctions, etc.).
  • The technological advantage of our solution allows you to transfer the conversation from chat to voice communication, and then to video consultation.

Install and configure the plugin

To install the plugin, go to the CMS Wordpress management interface and go to Plugins> Add New. Search for the 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin and click Install Now. After the installation is completed, go to the 3CX management interface in the Settings> WordPress> Click2Talk section and enter the URL of your Wordpress site (for example, , without the “/”) to authorize the communications.

Connection security is implemented by the “Maximum allowed requests for IP Address per period” parameter, which limits the number of incoming, but unanswered, chat requests to the extension number 3CX. The “Request throttle period length, seconds” parameter indicates the period in seconds during which the number of unanswered chat requests is counted.

Creating a Click To Talk object

After installing the plugin on the site, create Click to Call objects. They are used on certain Pages and Blog entries or on the entire site to host a communication widget.

To create a Click To Talk object, go to the 3CX section in the Wordpress admin panel, click Add New and enter the object name.

In the 3CX Click2Talk URL field, specify the Click2Talk URL from the Click2Talk / Click2Meet section in the settings for the (user) 3CX or 3CX Call Queues, which will be responsible for communicating with site visitors.

To customize the behavior and appearance of the widget, the following parameters are used:

  • Mode - enable voice call, chat, or both in the widget.
  • Chat box window title - the title of the widget.
  • Chat welcome message is a welcome message that is automatically shown to site visitors in the widget interface.
  • Sender Name - the name of the employee (3CX user), which will be displayed to site visitors during communication.
  • Phone call hover text - a hint that is shown to the visitor when you hover over the phone icon, if only a voice call is set.
  • Enable video call - visitors will immediately start a video call instead of an audio call.
  • User identification form - a request from the visitor's name and / or e-mail address to start communications.
  • Load minimized - showing the minimized communications panel (widget).

Placement of the widget on the Wordpress website

To place the communications panel in the right place of the site, copy the appropriate shortcode from the list of Click to Talk objects.

Placement on all pages of the site: go to Appearance> Widgets and drag the Text widget into the area of ​​the widgets that are displayed throughout the site, for example, at the bottom (footer) of a Wordpress theme. Then add a shortcode, for example, [3cx-clicktotalk id="15" title="Кликните для связи"]in the content area and click Save.

Placement on selected pages: create a blog entry or a page, and then add a shortcode to the content area. Click Preview Changes to see the page with the embedded widget.

Current plugin limitations

  1. Video calls are not accepted on iOS devices yet. This will be fixed in the next release.
  2. Internet Explorer is not supported.

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