Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge 2019 Cyber ​​Security Project Competition

    We, in the face of the Skolkovo Foundation, MEPI and partners, have already held a competition of information security projects 4 times. Considering the recommendations and wishes of past years, we tried to make the contest as useful as possible for all participants.

    This year we have significantly updated the competition by expanding the lists of nominations and partners, including: Sberbank of Russia, Russian Post, Rostelecom, Jet Infosystems, Kaspersky Lab, Advanced Research Foundation, InfoTeKS, Norilsk Nickel, InfoWatch.

    Among the partners of the competition there are companies that are looking for projects at the stage of ideas and technologies for the purpose of investment, purchase, and also the hunting of highly qualified specialists.

    For projects with a working business, opportunities for piloting and selling solutions at the sites of our partners have expanded.

    In addition, this year, partners and customers will select projects that are interesting for them, not only among the list of finalists, but also throughout the entire list of applications received.

    Individual researchers, independent teams, technology companies, small and medium-sized engineering companies, representatives of the scientific community are invited to participate.

    Nominations of this year:

    • New anti-fraud solutions;
    • Development of new methods for analyzing systems for searching and identifying vulnerabilities;
    • Visualization of complex multidimensional data arrays of incidents;
    • Human and Machine Behavior Analysis (UEBA);
    • Internet of things security;
    • Solutions to counter the vectors of APT attacks in web and mobile applications;
    • Digital copyright protection;
    • New biometric and identification systems;
    • IS incident lifecycle management systems and incident reporting visualization;
    • Bait systems for intruders (honeypots);
    • BI systems for security;
    • Quantum cryptography and telecommunications;
    • New approaches and solutions in information security.

    The difference of this year’s competition from the previous ones in the nomination of the Advanced Research Foundation (FPI), aimed at solving the problem of the technical task submitted by the potential customer and test data samples, is more detailed. The presence of such a nomination allows you to take part in the competition not only for young companies, but also for research teams.

    Key dates of the Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge: February 27 - deadline for submission of applications for the competition; March 14 - completion of the absentee selection and determination of the finalists; until March 31 - in-person finals of the competition and determination of the winners

    Winners will receive prizes :

    • from 3 to 5 projects will receive mini-grant financing in the amount of up to 5,000,000 rubles each;
    • a prize of 1,000,000 rubles, as well as piloting a solution in the infrastructure of Rostelecom;
    • prize 150 thousand rubles. + the possibility of concluding a contract for custom development with InfoTeKS;
    • an invitation to present a decision to the heads of the information security departments of the largest Russian enterprises in the industrial sector of the economy at a meeting of the Information Security in Industry Club;
    • testing at the Jet Infosystems site, including the solution in the integrator’s product portfolio, identifying the manager responsible for pre-sales training, and the opportunity to act as a speaker and present your product at the annual Jet Security Conference 2019;
    • special prize from the FPI, as well as the conclusion of a contract for the implementation of research works;
    • piloting solutions in the infrastructure of the Russian Post;
    • Partner Package at BIS Summit Moscow;
    • special prize from Kaspersky Lab;
    • special prize from Sberbank.

    Over the three years of its existence, more than 250 companies have participated in the Cybersecurity Challenge. The winners have already become:

    • Wallarm - as part of the grant project, the product received further development, the company significantly strengthened its position in the Russian market, was selected by the Y-combinator, attracted more than $ 8 million in venture capital investments and was ranked as one of the fastest growing IT companies in North America;
    • Group-IB Secure Bank - the contest allowed the development of a new product “Secure bank”, upon completion of the grant, the company entered into a contract for the protection of DBS channels in PJSC Sberbank;
    • Vulners is a non-profit project that has become the largest base of vulnerabilities in the application of artificial intelligence technologies to search for new vulnerabilities;
    • PayControl - a single platform for authentication and confirmation of electronic transactions, is currently being actively implemented in the top 100 banks;
    • OmniReact platform - cross-channel fraud monitoring, Cybertonica, attracted investment MoneyTime Ventures (SBT Ventures);
    • OZ PhotoExpert - authentication of digital photos and document scans, the product is implemented in the top 50 banks.

    Apply for participation by the link .

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