Overview of the all-terrain robot EZ-Robot Roli Rover

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    Roli rover


    • Platform: ez-bv4 / 2;
    • Processor: Cortex ARM 32 bits, 220 MHz;
    • WiFi availability: yes;
    • Built-in Web and Telnet server: yes;
    • Built-in loudspeaker: yes;
    • Camcorder: yes;
    • Number of analog ports: 8;
    • Number of digital ports: 24;
    • The number of servos supported: up to 73 (with expansion cards);
    • Number of I²C ports: 3;
    • Number of UART ports: 3;
    • Size: 241x343x305 mm;
    • Weight: 1.75 kg;
    • Price: 101224 rubles (as of January 16, 1919 , specify the price on the day of order on the product page )


    Roli Rover is one of the customizable kits from the Canadian company EZ-Robot’s Robot Designer Revolution line.

    With the help of such a set it is possible, while playing, to master the skills of designing, debugging and programming robots - both the simplest mechanisms and complex multifunctional devices.

    In addition to the all-terrain vehicle Roli Rover, the EZ-Robot product range includes three more basic models - an android, a two-wheeled bot and a six-legged robopauk.

    Product line

    The company also manufactures parts for its own-designed robots and specialized kits for robotics enthusiasts.

    Contents of delivery

    Robot-all-terrain vehicle Roli Rover comes in the form of a set for assembly. In addition to the tracked platform, the kit also includes universal elements of the EZ-Bit, which can be connected in almost any sequence - this is the basis of all EZ-Robot designers. In the box you will also find 8 servos, 2 captures and a video camera.

    Optional sensor kits and lighting elements are available as options.

    The “brain” of the Revolution robots is an EZ-B controller (iz-bI). Inside the control unit, there is a 200 MHz processor and a Wi-Fi module.


    To assemble the robot, we recommend using the instructions on the EZ-Robot website, the texts are provided with detailed images and detailed videos.

    After connecting all the EZ-Bit modules in the required sequence, each of them is connected to the controller, which is then placed on top of the robot case.

    The power source for the Roli Rover is a lithium polymer battery. It is charged from the mains using the supplied adapter, and then installed in a special compartment between the tracks.

    You can control all EZ-Robot devices wirelessly, using Windows-based computers and laptops, or mobile devices running Android and iOS.


    The ez-robot.com website contains a full-fledged training course for three levels of student preparation - texts, images, videos, additional files.

    At the initial level, you can get general knowledge of robotics, study the designers of EZ-Robot and learn how to use basic software.

    The second level is the study with the help of robots of the Revolution line of visual programming, machine vision and speech recognition algorithms.

    At the third, the most difficult level, students will be able to learn the EZ-Script programming language and then create complex algorithms for the interaction of robots with the environment.

    Educational process

    Both the Roli Rover robot-all-terrain vehicle and the entire Revolution roboconstructor line as a whole are an ideal tool for STEM education.

    The EZ-Robot project has already formed around itself a large international community of enthusiasts. This is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful courses in robotics for users of different levels of training.

    With the help of EZ-Robot sets, schoolchildren and students acquire skills in designing, programming and managing automated systems, teaching machines how to track objects and recognize speech, gain knowledge about algorithms of artificial intelligence — practical knowledge based on personal experience that will help in choosing a profession and will be useful in the future .

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