PHP Digest number 147 (January 1 - 14, 2019)

    Fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: updates to all PHP branches, Deployer 6.4, doctrine / migrations 2.0, Psalm 3 and other releases, Nikita Popov in JetBrains, PHP Internals news, a portion of useful tools, videos, and much more.

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    News and Releases

    Php internals

    • [PHP] FFI - Despite concerns about security and stability, the vote on FFI was successful and the proposal was accepted. So FFI will be delivered in the next major release.
    • [RFC] mb_str_split - It is proposed in mbstring to add a function to split a multibyte string into equal substrings.
    • [RFC] Typed Properties 2.0 — Nikita announced that the typed properties are complete and complete, and also recommended experimenting more to find problems early. Rasmus Schultz in his post discusses possible design problems when using typed properties.






    Async php


    Study materials

    Audio and video

    Short audio version of the digest in the five-minute PHP podcast PHP Issue №46

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