Letter of the Decembrist11

    Habr, Friday. Evening.

    I announce December 42!

    December 42
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        let new_date = newDate();
        new_date.setFullYear(2018, 11)

    Since then, the year 2019 does not come, and December 2018 lasts forever.

    Programmers automated everything that is possible to free people from slavery, replacing them with robots.

    But with this world, something is wrong.

    The future will come when the work week becomes a 4-day, with a floating holiday.

    For all!
    Let Fridays or Mondays be days off.
    Let them choose what day!
    May all be well!

    • if you notice a mistake, please write LS
    • in the comments - competition for the 2019 new year (still relevant)

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    In the future, the number of weekends will only increase

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