Procter & Gamble has released a “rejuvenating” skin printer

    Procter & Gamble at CES 2019 introduced a “rejuvenating” skin printer . The portable device scans the skin at a speed of 200 frames / s, processes data on color differences in adjacent areas, and then accurately applies a microscopic amount of makeup to hide the detected defects: wrinkles, hyperpigmentation elements (blemishes), etc. In fact, this is Photoshop. in real life, not on the computer.

    The presentation says that “120 tiny thermal jet printers” are applied to the skin. Probably, we are talking about 120 nozzles of a printer that runs under the control of a microprocessor built into the scanner. He processes the data from the scanner.

    After treatment, the skin becomes more uniform in color, like in young people, that is, without wrinkles and blemishes.

    In a BBC report, a journalist was treated with his right hand ...

    Comparison of processed and untreated hands. The journalist says that the arm has become “much younger”

    ... and the face.

    The printer works with any skin color: it has three cartridges: light, medium and dark skin colors that can be mixed in any proportion, according to the data from the scanner. The company recommends the use of a rejuvenating printer every day and promises that thanks to it the cost of cosmetics will fall, because the printer will not have to be refilled so often.

    Sales of the device will begin at the end of 2019 or in 2020.

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