Rust news # 4 (December 2018)

    Since the holidays are over, I offer you a subjective selection of rusty news for December. In this compilation: madness with growth, whether growth is terrible, a wave of prophecies, Rust 2018, Rust Analyzer.


    Rust 1.31 & Rust 2018

    The most important event of December is the release of Rust 1.31 and Rust 2018 , of course. There are a lot of things included:

    edition 2018, non-lexical lifetimes, changes to the module system, additional rules for lifetimes output, const fn, new tools, instrumental code quality checks, documentation, new website, improvements in cargo.

    There are so many changes that the review of all could not be crammed into one post, so after a few days supporting notes were published:

    Also, it makes sense to look through a Mozilovsky well-structured review / educational program of the 2018th edition of the language: Rust 2018 is here ... but what is it? ( translation , discussion ).

    A wave of posts about plans for 2019

    An official request was sent to the community to share views on the 2019th year - A call for Rust 2019 Roadmap blog posts ( discussion ). In response, a wave of more than a hundred articles followed (all can be found at ). Here are some interesting answers:

    RustRush 2018

    rustrush logo

    December 15-16, Moscow hosted RustRush 2018 .

    Records will be gradually published on the Youtube channel , while two are available:

    Also, Pierre Chevalier posted a trip report .

    Generation of type objects on the fly (or madness with Rust)

    idubrov wrote an interesting article on low-level hacks with fierce unsafe. An excellent experiment for learning purposes, but I hope it will not go into real projects.

    Is it so scary Rust, as he is painted


    PsyHaSTe fights the perception of rust exclusively as a system language.

    Rust Analyzer in 2018 and 2019

    Lesha matklad shared information on the progress of the rust-analyzer project , which is an alternative to RLS ( discussion ).
    An important thing, considering that IDE is a very painful topic for Rasta.


    gamedev wg

    One line

    There was little noticeable activity on Vasma and the building in December, so they will not have separate sections.

    New and updated packages

    I did not notice any particularly interesting RFCs at the end of the year, so this is all for today, thank you for your attention!

    If I have not added any important link or event, feel free to throw in the comments. :)

    (KDPV taken from here , the rest of the pictures from the sites of relevant projects.)

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