The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №352 (February 11 - 17, 2019)

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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 88 - What has changed over the year from Sergey Popov (on the creation of League A and the problem of front-enders without experience)
    podcastWeb standards podcast, Issue No. 161: Chrome 73 and CSS 2019, SVG, tables, grids and buttons, the future of Photo Frames.
    podcastdevschacht podcast: 69: I am <3Frontend
    Frontendpodcast Youth (18+) podcast # 83 Switch to the star stack
    podcastCSSSR podcast News 512 - Issue No. 38 (09.02 - 15.02)
    videoTournament: “The best JS-feature 2018 "(PART 2)
    podcastvideoFrontreview Podcast No. 5: The Right Resume and Developer Junior Portfolio
    videoenEmber.js: documentary (official release)

    Web development

    habrHTML that we lost
    habrAbout linters, code quality, quality in general and quality management
    Short plan for learning the frontend, or # 100DaysCode
    enHTML5 Boilerplate updated to version 7
    enBootstrap 4.3.0 . Release of the new version, in which they refused to support jQuery
    enIntroduction to WebBluetooth
    enComplete guide - How to speed up GIF-video on the Web


    enNew polling #StateOfCSS 2019 from the creators of StateOfJS
    • The endark side of grids (part 1)
    enNew approach to utilitarian visibility classes based on CSS variables
    en10-step Flexbox tutorial
    enConstructed style sheets: seamless reusable styles
    enUser interface design implementation from the example of the site header
    enCSS selectors level 4
    enIntroduction to font metrics with a detailed explanation of the details of each aspect
    enOn the Grid or on the Flex?
    enCSS Scroll Snap - how it works
    enWhat is the difference between the Flexbox and the Grid?


    habr10 console commands to help debug the JavaScript code like a PRO
    habrReliable JavaScript: chasing the myth
    habrPractical application of AST tree transformation using the example of Putout
    enInformatics in JavaScript: doubly linked lists
    en5 ways to create applications in real time using JavaScript
    enHow to get JavaScript off the web in 2019
    enJavaScript: funny moments
    enHow I got rid of new sponsored Facebook posts.
    enES5 to ESNext - here are all the features added to JavaScript since 2015


    habrMobile Opera has acquired free VPN
    New Opera browser interface is introduced
    Samsung Internet Browser has overcame 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store
    Microsoft employee: do not use Internet Explorer by default
    Chrome will support links to individual words and phrases in the text
    enSaving memory in Brave: a reduction of 33–66% compared to Chrome

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