Mail.Ru officially opened ICQ source for Windows and OS X (and announced a client for Linux)

    As the news on the site says , ICQ was completely rewritten on Qt, and therefore they upload the full source code on GitHub .

    Earlier, there was an unsuccessful attempt to lay out the source code and private keys for Sparkle (update system for OS X) got into open access.

    Now the repository is cleaned up, and in addition, the new assembly for Windows is already available for download . Versions for OS X and Linux (!) Are on the way, the benefit of Qt is a cross-platform framework and you can build almost anything.

    Judging by the fact that they posted exactly one commit, ICQ development does not move to GitHub, and the repository is needed only for laying out the source code for current versions, as required by the free Qt license. Although I would like to hope that the project will at least somehow respond to pull-requests and issues on the github.

    Well, let's hope for the further development of the OpenSource direction of and wait for new forks and alternative clients!

    PS: unfortunately, the VoIP module has remained closed and comes in the form of static libraries.

    Although there are headers with detailed comments .

    UPD: The debug version of VoIP has been removed from the repository . But history remembers everything .

    UPD2: And here it isofficial article from Mail.Ru. But the type of license was never written.

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