3D Systems Announces New ProJet MJP 3600 Series Product Line

    Most recently, 3D Systems received a real thrashing from a community of investors who learned about a partnership agreement between industry giant and 3D Systems' direct competitor Carbon3D. It would seem that the game was over, but it wasn’t there: it seems that 3D Systems is not going to curtail its production and announces the launch of a new line of 3D printers .

    Devices ProJet MJP 3600 are the development of ideas implemented in the last 3500th series, which included a fairly large number of machines for a variety of applications.

    New devices have several key differences:

    First, they print print objects twice as fast as their predecessors. But if we talk about quality, then everything remains at the same level. Most users will need only one increase in speed, so that they can significantly increase the volume of products.

    It should also be noted that the 3600th series is equipped with a more powerful processor, which allows you to process 3D models that are 2.5 times larger than those that could be downloaded to devices of the previous series. And this means that now you can print even more complex objects in their structure.

    Some design decisions have also been revised - in particular, cleaning of auxiliary material is now much faster. In the figure above, you can see the part during the cleaning process. For clarity, you can also watch the following video of this process:

    In addition, a few words should be said about the appearance of the new printers. There are no cardinal differences from the cars of the previous series. You can say the same devices. However, the commitment to universality and total standardization cannot be called a negative factor - although the release of indistinguishable models still seems to be a strange move ...

    Companies such as 3 D Systems cannot afford to rest on their laurels - they must constantly move forward. What we have in this case. The new line of their devices is definitely more efficient and offers the benefits that all those who have long dreamed of setting up serial production of highly detailed products have long dreamed of.

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