February 14 - Lawrence Day: Gifts for Your Loved One

    Welcome everyone to the iCover Blog ! We remembered the upcoming holiday of February 14th. It was on this day in 1961 at the National Laboratory. Lawrence in Berkeley , and a little later, Dubna near Moscow science city, the 103rd element was obtained - the Lawrence isotope . Due to the insignificantly short half-life, he never received practical use, but what kind of practical application can the element received on the day of the most exalted and irrational human emotion be.

    And this day is revered by many Frenchmen, since it was on February 14, by agreement of Louis II of Germany and Charles II of Lysy, starting in 842 that was dedicated to the French language’s birthday . On this day in 1990, who left the Voyager I Solar System for the first time photographed it “from the side”, and in 1995 the legendary hacker Kevin Mitnik was arrested by American intelligence agencies . And this day, marked in history by many significant and interesting events, in our deep conviction, should not pass everyday and for you and me.

    Today, the iCover team decided to choose gifts for our favorite geeks . And since most often we choose them for ourselves, this is what we got:

    Huawei Honor Band (Black) - fitness bracelet + smart watch - 5990 rub


    • Materials: silicone strap, protective glass, aluminum rim
    • Dimensions: 229.4x38x9.5 mm
    • Weight: 40 grams
    • Display: OLED, 128x128 pixels
    • Battery: Built-in 70mAh
    • Protection: IP68 standard, against water and dust.

    By releasing the Honor Band fitness bracelet with the design of Huawei watches, it has once again proved that it is quite possible to offer functionality, benefits and impeccable style for more than an affordable price. The model offered with dials in classic black and white colors, with black, white and cream straps is distinguished by a strict style, tending to minimalism, a complete lack of functional elements on the case.

    The touch OLED display is covered with protective glass and is surrounded by aluminum on the periphery, the lower part is plastic. The strap made of hypoallergenic silicone is very pleasant to the touch, does not cause negative emotions even with prolonged wear, it looks neat, stylish and original due to the textured pattern on the outside. With a weight of 40 grams, the dimensions of the device are quite compact, significantly lower than the sizes of standard smart watches: 229.4x38x9.5 mm. The dustproof and waterproof housing is made in accordance with the requirements of the IP68 standard - a valuable advantage for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Unlike the flagship smart watches on Android Wear / WatchOS, the Honor Band is equipped with a simple display a little more than an inch in size with a resolution of 128x128 pixels. However, if you do not chase the values, such a resolution is quite enough for a comfortable reading of useful information. Spending charge very economically, the OLED display allows the most active bracelet owner to comfortably use the gadget for up to 4 days with a minimum built-in battery capacity of 70 mAh.

    Getting rid of the function buttons, Huawei engineers provided the device with a motion sensor that activates the display when raising a hand. Activation is also possible by clicking on a screen area. Further control of the functionality becomes possible on the touch screen by scrolling through the catalog from top to bottom or vice versa and selecting the appropriate menu functions, and, if desired, using certain gestures.

    OS and Functionality

    Acting in accordance with the concept of the gadget, the central place for which is simplicity, convenience and functionality, engineers entrusted the management of the functions of the bracelet with their own concise and intuitive Huawei OS. On the screen saver you will see the time, date, charge information, and Bluetooth connection. Screens are switched down using a swipe. The number of steps taken is displayed in sequence - time, number of calories burned, last night spent in a dream, data of a manual timer and bracelet settings. The capabilities of a “smart alarm clock” and a physical activity timer are also available.

    Work with information is possible using the proprietary application Huawei Wear, which is available for installation, both on devices on Android versions from 4.0 and higher, and on devices with iOS 7 and higher. The bracelet synchronizes seamlessly with Jawbone Up, Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse - fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor for 3490 rub


    • Type: Fitness bracelet without screen with heart rate sensor
    • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity
    • Built-in sensor: heart rate (heart rate)
    • Platform Support: Android 4.4 and higher
    • Vibration: yes
    • Band Material: Silicone
    • Waterproof: yes, IP67
    • Bracelet Length Adjustment: Yes
    • Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
    • Battery: Fixed Li-Ion
    • Battery capacity: 45mAh
    • Operating time: 720 h
    • Type of charging connector: own
    • Dimensions: 37 x 13.6 x 9.9 mm
    • Weight: 5.5g.

    Health is the last thing to save on, since such savings are too expensive in the end. But if there is an opportunity to purchase a thing that is healthy for health, it is absolutely inexpensive and not at the expense of quality and reliability, then why pay more ?! This philosophy is adhered to at Xiaomi, a young Chinese company for which the quality and affordability of products have already become synonymous with the brand. A great example of Xiaomi products, whose end consumer has already managed to appreciate the advantages, we can safely call the inexpensive and functional bracelet Mi Band 1S Pulse - a representative of the new generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band line.

    Mi Band 1S will help you not only set goals, but also track their implementation, solve many urgent problems related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle - observe sleep patterns and physical activity, track heart rate using the built-in heart rate monitor (appeared in this model), record the distance traveled, the number of steps, calories burned, and many other significant indicators.

    With a weight of 5.5 grams, the bracelet remains almost imperceptible on the arm, while the design meets the criteria of the IP67 standard - being dustproof, the tracker is not afraid of moisture and, according to Xiaomi, can withstand short-term immersion in water to a depth of 1 m without consequences.

    Heart rate control (heart rate) allows you to track changes in this important indicator during training, when the body is experiencing increased stress. At the same time, in order to save battery power, you activate the function at those times when you are interested in obtaining the necessary readings.

    The information collected by your little assistant for the day will help you get an accurate idea of ​​how your health plans meet the real picture and, if necessary, promptly make the necessary adjustments. If necessary, you can ask the bracelet to program the bracelet for a specific goal that you plan to achieve during the day. In this case, upon reaching it, you will receive a notification.

    Sync with iOS and Android

    In order for your Mi Band 1S Pulse bracelet to fully reveal all its advantages and successfully cope with its tasks, you will need a smartphone on iOS and Android, with which the gadget is synchronized via Bluetooth. Despite the miniature size and small battery capacity, the bracelet is able to work without recharging for 30 days, while maintaining functionality with temperature drops ranging from -20 to + 70C.

    Quadcopter control with a bracelet

    If you believe the latest news, then Xiaomi enters the drones market and controlling them with gestures is going to entrust the Mi Band bracelets. It is possible that the cost of the gadget after a quality update of the functional due to new promising features will increase.


    Game set SteelSeries Champions Bundle (66006) - 12 990 rubles

    As you know, all life is a game, and to make the gameplay not only exciting, but also comfortable, to fully immerse yourself in a wonderful world and impress your opponents with the effectiveness of your actions will help us with the SteelSeries Champions Bundle champion game kit, which consists of three attributes that are irreplaceable for a real gamer - SteelSeries QcK + mouse pad, SteelSeries Rival wired optical mouse, and SteelSeries Siberia V2 black microphone wired headphones.

    SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse

    SteelSeries Rival is a 6500 dpi wired gaming mouse provided by the Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor with Avago technology. Thanks to Hyperesponse technology and tracking speed, which reaches up to 200 ips (inches per second) when accelerating at 50g, the mouse supports a sampling rate of 1000 Hz with a response of 1 ms. SteelSeries Rival is a modernized exclusive design, the possibility of optimization taking into account 16.8 million colors of illumination and two zones of illumination and a spectacular three-dimensional nameplate. The package includes proprietary SteelSeries Engine 3 software with advanced functionality settings.

    Gaming headphones SteelSeries Siberia v2 Black

    SteelSeries Siberia v2 is a lightweight ergonomic gaming headphone with a microphone and 50 mm speakers, providing gamers with excellent sound quality. Soft ear cushions fit snugly, but do not squeeze the auricles, which allows you to participate in long gaming rallies without accumulating a sense of discomfort. The sound picture is broadcast in great detail, which is made possible thanks to the supported frequency range of 50-16,000 Hz. The retractable microphone SteelSeries Siberia v2 extends to the desired distance, and if necessary, is easily removed.

    SteelSeries QcK + Mouse Pad

    The gaming potential of the SteelSeries QcK + mat is confirmed by many gamers. With impressive dimensions of 450 x 400 x 4 mm, the SteelSeries QcK + mat has a smooth texture, is firmly fixed to the table and allows you to use the mouse sensitivity settings over a wide range. The mat is universal and suitable for mice, both optical and laser models, invariably providing the esportsman the required accuracy and smoothness of motion fixation.

    Jabra Move Wireless - wireless headphones - 7199 rub


    • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Overall dimensions - 172 x 146.1 x 59 mm
    • Weight - 150 gr
    • Talk time: up to 8 hours
    • Standby time: up to 288 hours
    • Charging: from USB for 2 hours.

    If you like music and audio books, you have long wanted to part with ever-confusing wires and purchase inexpensive, but high-quality and stylish wireless headphones, then Jabra Move Wireless is exactly what you need. Jabra is the exact opposite of the exponentially increasing number of low-cost wireless headphones that have been suffering from common shortcomings since the purchase, such as a crumbling case due to poor glue quality, falling off ear pads or the left “ear” suddenly stopped working.

    Jabra Move Wireless weighs only 150 grams., Dimensions - 172 x 146.1 x 59 mm. Light indicators are miniature. You can connect headphones to a smartphone, tablet or laptop in two ways - traditional wired and via Bluetooth 4.0 at an average distance of 6 m. Unlike most wireless headsets of this price segment, which require a standard set of functions, Jabra has some exotic features. There is, for example, a voice prompt mode, the ability to connect simultaneously to two smartphones or to a smartphone and laptop.

    A multifunctional button on the ear cushion allows you to start or stop playback, answer a phone call, organize redial of the last number. If necessary, you can use any cable with a microUSB connector to charge the gadget. The time required to fully charge the battery is 2 hours, while in standby mode the headset will last 288 hours, in active use - about 8 hours. The thoughtful design of the headband, 40 mm speakers, the technologies and materials involved ensure excellent sound quality both indoors and outdoors.

    Excellent build quality harmoniously complements the originality of the design solution, ergonomics and reasonable design. One of three colors is available - black, red and blue. Matte plastic leaves virtually no imprints; nothing adheres to the fabric nozzle on the headband. Ear pads made of quality eco-leather. Light indicators are tiny, neat, not intrusive.

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) - 8990 rub


    • Manufacturer: Xiaomi
    • Type: action camera
    • Travel Edition comes with a convenient monopod
    • Media Type: Rewritable Memory (Flash)
    • Matrix Type: Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 MP
    • Processor: Ambarella A7LS
    • Video Support: Full HD 1080p
    • Widescreen video mode: yes
    • Maximum frame rate when shooting HD-video: 120 frames / s at a resolution of 1280x720, 60 frames / s at a resolution of 1920x1080
    • Additional features: write to H.264
    • Photo mode: yes
    • Maximum photo resolution: 4608x3456 pixels
    • Widescreen photo mode: yes
    • Interfaces: USB-interface, AV-out, HDMI-out, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • Support for memory cards: microSD up to 64 GB
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 60x42x21 mm
    • Weight: 72g.

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) is an action camera that you should take with you on a trip. The camera comes with a monopod, equipped with a 16 megapixel Sony Exmor matrix with an aperture of F2.8 and a wide viewing angle of 155 degrees, capable of taking pictures at a speed of up to 7 frames per second and a resolution of 4608x3456 pixels. Video recording is available in H.264 and MP4 formats and resolutions up to 1080p. Comfortable data exchange between Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) and available peripherals is provided thanks to support for WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Battery capacity 1010 mAh.

    Simple design

    The reliability of the design of Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) is largely ensured due to its simple and concise design. The overall dimensions of the functional unit of the device with control buttons are 61 x 22 x 42 mm, and its weight is only 72 g. The case is made of ABS polycarbonate, a durable thermoplastic material that protects the camera from temperature extremes, dust, and other contaminants.

    It supports the possibility of shooting in low light conditions, and when purchasing an additional waterproof box - shooting underwater at a depth of up to 40 meters.


    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) is equipped with a 3-position G-sensor image stabilization, aspherical lens HD Optical Glass Lens with aperture f2.8 and viewing angles of 155 degrees. Widescreen image quality is guaranteed by a 16 megapixel Sony Exmor sensor. Support for microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB will allow you to save a lot of valuable information for your home or work archive, and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi adapter, the data array can be sent to your phone or laptop at any time. The device is equipped with a built-in Panasonic Lipo Battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh.

    Ambarella progressive graphics processor

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) is an action camera purposefully created by Xiaomi engineers for outdoor enthusiasts. The Ambarella A7LS video processor supports a unique image processing and high-speed technology with dynamic range amplification and noise reduction, which allows you to get a color picture of excellent quality. The device is ready to offer a standard for H.264 video compression, shooting video in Full HD format at a frequency of 30 fps, and HD at a frequency of 60 fps.

    Ergonomic mount

    Having shown your imagination, connecting your imagination and using a convenient reliable mount, you can easily and conveniently mount the camera anywhere, if you wish. It is worth noting that the device supports the ability to remotely control from a smartphone using the bundled and freely available mobile applications.

    Selfies on the go

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera (Travel Edition) is equipped with a special device for photographing a monopod for selfie, which increases the distance to the camera by 71cm. With a monopod, you can take a picture of yourself or the whole company against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape. The shooting mode is done using WIFI or Bluetooth, and the slow-motion photo mode helps you capture any fast movement.

    Below are five more interesting offers that could perfectly cope with the role of a gift to your beloved:

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