Old New Year Sale

    For the celebration of the Old New Year, we decided to coincide with the sale of books. + Together with the Dynasty Foundation, we have published a new book, “5,000,000,000 Years of Solitude. Search for life among the stars. ” Books from our popular science series“ New Science ”can be found here . Earlier, we published a review of each book on our blog on Habré and partially here . Terms of the promotion: from January 13 to 15, for the Old NY16 coupon - a 30% discount on all paper books, for the ebooks coupon - a 50% discount on all electronic books.


    imageDo planets similar to Earth exist in our galaxy or beyond? Are the natural conditions on Earth typical of the terrestrial planets or do we live in a unique world? Are we alone in the universe? It was these questions that prompted Lee Billings to write this book. For almost five billion years, our living planet has existed lonely in the vast Universe. But soon, Earth's isolation may come to an end. Over the past two decades, astronomers have discovered thousands of planets orbiting other stars. Some of these exoplanets may be a mirror image of our world. The pace of planetary discoveries is growing, but the main Mystery of the Universe remains unsolved: is the Earth the most unique planet in the Universe, or are we looking for life in the wrong places?

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