How to cook a festive turkey on the ISS?

    The astronauts might like to get a turkey in this form, but so far this is not possible.

    Astronauts on the ISS on the occasion of Thanksgiving celebrated. On this day, it was decided to cook a turkey. But how to do that? After all, it was not in the oven that the bird was fried. In order to clarify this point, the team decided to shoot a video, demonstrating the main stages of the cooking process.

    The main course is turkey with pasta, sauce and green peas. As you can see, all food is stored in airtight packaging, pre-dehydrated products, and then frozen. In order to make supplies edible, you need a special installation.

    At the first stage, hot water is added to the dish through the packaging valve. Then you need to wait about 15 minutes, and the food again becomes edible. In order to enjoy a festive meal, you need to open the bag. Reportedly, the Thanksgiving cosmonaut’s main menu included smoked turkey, sweet potato (sweet potato), breaded potatoes, spices, and corn bread

    . All inhabitants of the ISS enjoyed a festive dinner, not just the Americans.

    At the same time, the cosmonauts in the person of Chell Lindgren decided to congratulate everyone on the holiday, saying that they are all happy to work on the ISS, an orbital station created by the efforts of the great world powers.

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