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    Welcome to iCover Blog ! Online battles in different formats are currently a separate sport, there are cyber stars, tournaments with huge prize pools ($ 10.9 million at the International Dota 2 tournament). Some countries (such as Sweden) have included e-sports in the school curriculum. People began to literally live the game (this was shown in great detail in the 8th episode of the 10th season of South Park). Manufacturers of computer peripherals also do not stand still, at the moment you can find a huge number of companies that offer devices for every taste. In this review, I want to consider gaming peripherals from Cougar. I got my hands on: a Cougar 600k gaming keyboard , a Cougar 600m gaming mouse , a Speed ​​Series Cougar.

    About company

    The company was founded in 2007, in Germany, by computer accessories development engineers. The goal is to become a world leader in the production of e-sports accessories. In Russia, this company is a sponsor of the Hard Random team - three-time champions of the StarSeries tournament in the MOBA game League of Legends.

    Gaming keyboard Cougar 600k

    Packaging and design The

    keyboard is packed in a cardboard box with a soft insert, the first thing that catches your eye when you pull it out of the box is an aluminum panel (it also gives extra rigidity so that the keyboard does not break up in a fit of rage from the phrase “did not break”) and a thick cable with the possibility of through USB connection (the keyboard has two USB connectors). If the first coupled with a backlight (which imho is rather meager, only the WASD function keys and arrows are highlighted in orange) gives a beautiful blurry light that does not hit the eyes and a decent weight, then the second allows you to easily connect a mouse to the keyboard, and not suffer from under twisting the sight from - for a stuck cable.

    The keyboard also comes with an additional stand for the left hand, which is mounted on the main stand using magnets stably placed in the stand itself. The keyboard is also equipped with its own rubberized stands, which do not slip on the table and do not leave scratches. As for the overall design, with the keyboard fully assembled, it looks like a control panel for futuristic fur, straight predatory lines, polished aluminum, a stylized company logo made also in metallic color gives an eye-pleasing impression.

    Functionality The

    keyboard is mechanical, equipped with Cherry MX Black keys, which are placed in many gaming devices, a tight press, excellent sensitivity facilitates control in FPS and TPS (for example, in CS: GO or WoT).
    I did not succeed in testing the additional functional of the speed of repeated pressing, since in the disciplines where it is necessary I am not strong (as far as I understand this for MOBA games). Instead of the Fn button, the second Win button is displayed, but in fact it performs the same functionality and allows you to activate the mode for the simultaneous operation of 6 or all buttons. It was also pleasant for me that a separate unit for controlling the volume was displayed in the keyboard, since I often switch from speakers to headphones, it is much more convenient for me to decrease / increase the volume from one button.


    • mechanical switches Cherry MX with a resource of 50 million clicks,
    • microprocessor 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0,
    • support for simultaneous pressing of all buttons (Key Rollover NKRO),
    • polling frequency up to 1000 Hz / 1 ms,
    • setting the speed of repeated pressing - 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x,
    • case materials - aluminum, plastic,
    • palm rest
    • additional USB connector for connecting devices to the keyboard,
    • 1.8 m USB cable
    • dimensions - 230 × 467 × 40 mm,
    • weight - 1.1 kg.

    Gaming mouse Cougar 600m

    Packaging and design The

    mouse is also packed in a cardboard box, which opens like a book, showing the device in all its glory. In the box you will also find a company sticker and user manual. The software is downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website. The mouse itself is asymmetrical and equipped with a thumb rest. All additional keys are protected against accidental pressing. The mouse case is lightweight, the hand does not get tired of it, but I didn’t have enough additional weights to adjust the mouse for myself. It also has a customizable backlight, which allows you to make your manipulator unique.


    The main feature of the mouse is its convenient and simple setup and built-in memory, which allows you to use the mouse already configured once on different computers. The manipulator has an ADNS-9800 laser sensor with a resolution of 8200dpi and Omron microswitches (5 million clicks) and an ALPS mouse scroll sensor. There are 8 custom keys, for myself I configured them for Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 and ran through all the dungeons with one mouse. It was played very comfortably, the response of the keys is almost instant.


    • Sensor: Laser ADNS-9800
    • Resolution 8200 DPI
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor
    • Sampling frequency 1000 Hz / 1ms
    • Built-in memory 512 KB
    • COUGAR UIX ™ SYSTEM Software
    • Soft keys 8
    • Omron switch, 5 million clicks
    • Backlight 16.8 million colors
    • Frame Rate 12000 FPS
    • Maximum tracking speed 150 IPS
    • Maximum acceleration 30 G
    • Interface gold-plated USB plug
    • Cable length 1.8 m
    • Weight 90 g
    • Dimensions 125 x 80 x 42 mm

    Gaming mat Cougar Speed

    Appearance The

    mat has an orange backing, heavy enough that it allows it to be firmly fixed on the table. You cling to the edge every now and then, but this is not so critical when playing with a mouse with great sensitivity. The mat does not smell like cheap rubber (for me this is important!) And it has practically no shape memory (in the package it is in a folded state, it immediately unfolds without excesses after extraction). The horizontal speed of the mouse is slower than the vertical, this is due to the weaving of the rug itself, but the control over the mouse is extremely accurate, which is especially important when moving the sight quickly while moving, to change the target and make sharp turns to check the angles or rear. The carpet fully justifies its cost, but for me the surface is still a bit harsh.

    General conclusion

    What is network battles, I know firsthand, I myself am an active player in World of Tanks and Counter-Strike: GO. The issue of gaming peripherals arose a long time ago, as soon as I began to participate more actively in in-game tournaments. Hurry to shoot first, quickly move the scope and precisely control the movement - all these are important factors during the game, when every second counts and every wrong step can be fatal. Often, the outcome of a game depends on one shot, or one wrong step.

    I tested this kit most of the time in WOT during battles in the Fortified Region modes and on the Global map. For players who prefer an aggressive and fast way to play the Cougar kitfits perfectly. Roll out from around the corner to shoot and not get a shot in response, shoot first, assign all the necessary consumables to the mouse buttons and unload your hand on the keyboard only under the control of movement - this kit allows you to make it as easy as typing angry comments in the chat (at 600k, By the way, typing is not very convenient, you have to push the key harder).

    Minor flaws in the design or configuration are completely leveled by the convenience of playing with this kit, of course, this periphery is not a panacea and you will not find buttons for instant victory, but it was able to maximize the player’s success only depending on the reaction speed and developed strategy. All victories!

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