The series "Lost in Space" will be continued

    Lost in Space is a classic science fiction series that was shown on the CBS channel from 1965 to 1968 ( torrents that have not yet been blocked). In total, three seasons and 83 episodes came out, for its time it was a significant event: one of the first in the history of NF-series attracted the attention of millions of young and talented children to science, space, and engineering. Later they grew up - and now they work at NASA and realize their childhood dreams of conquering distant frontiers.

    In 1998, the eponymous feature film of Stephen Hopkins based on the series was released. Judging by the download statistics, the film is better known to Russian-speaking users than the series. Perhaps this will soon change: Netflix has begun filming a remake of the cult series.

    Shot from the remake of "Lost in Space"

    It is a little confusing that the producer of the series is Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones), and the script was prepared by the scriptwriters of the film Dracula. It feels like they’re shooting not science fiction, but some kind of horror movie. It is hoped that the main characters still will not die in each series.

    The plot of the original series
    In the distant 1997 on the planet Earth, the problem of overpopulation reached its critical point. Mankind has no other choice but to look for another planet suitable for life. Search probes were sent and after several years such a planet was found in one of the closest solar systems. The first people who were supposed to step on this planet and thus begin its colonization were the Robinson family and the space pilot Don West. However, the mission is going to be sabotaged by a foreign agent Zachary Smith.

    The heroes on the Jupiter-2 ship experience adventures in an unknown part of space, where they are completely lost. Although the ship’s hyperdrive covers entire galaxies in a day, they could not find the Earth or another place for life during all 83 episodes.

    In the modern version, the scientific component of the series will probably be made more thought out.

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