$ 29 for instructions on building a transformer table

    Demonstration video about the work of the table and its assembly.

    Michigan engineer Scott Rumschlag found that it was very difficult for him to spend all his day in a sitting position. More recently, he was a student, and although the fate of the student is also mostly sedentary, it turned out to be diluted with walks and bicycles.

    Having studied the issue, Scott decided to independently design and make a table that can be turned with a flick of the wrist from a regular office desk for sedentary work into a desk for standing work. Fortunately, Scott received an engineering degree, and he always liked working with wood.

    A few months of development and planning - and the table is ready. Managing a table looks pretty straightforward. And for all those who, just like him, want to diversify their working poses, Scott offers to buy drawings of a table from him for only $ 29. On 26 pages there are both images of all necessary parts with dimensions, and assembly instructions. The instruction can be downloaded as a PDF immediately after payment.

    Video about working with instructions

    If you have a desire, an opportunity, the necessary skills and tools, then you yourself can build a similar table for yourself, or maybe modify it to fit your needs. The table is equipped with counterweights, which facilitates the transfer of countertops between positions. Scott estimated the cost of building materials needed to build a table at $ 200- $ 250 (at Michigan prices).


    Sedentary work is one of the patients (often, unfortunately, in the literal sense) by programmers and other IT specialists. In this regard, there are already many options for changing the situation during work - budget , luxury , or even a workplace on a treadmill .

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