Pip-Boy Anboxing: First Acquisition of Fallout Wrist PC

    November 10, the long-awaited fourth part of the post-apocalyptic game Fallout arrives in stores. Millions of players around the world are waiting for her, and this is not an exaggeration. At the same time, in order to inspire fans of the series even more, a limited number of wrist portable PCs from the game will go on sale. Yes, it's about Pip-Boy.

    They first talked about him at the E3 conference, during the presentation of Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4. This is not an independent gadget, in order for it to start working, you need to insert a smartphone with a preinstalled application into Pip-Boy. Immediately after installing the gadget, the gamer receives data about the world of Fallout. Very few wrist PCs were released, and soon new ones won't appear - Chinese factories have done everything they could and are not yet ready to accept a new order.

    Journalists of the Arstechnica publication got this device at their disposal and immediately decided to conduct its anboxing. According to reporters, at first glance it all resembles an advanced children's toy. The case is plastic, with the exception of a massive metal clasp. There were some problems with installing iPhone 5, which were solved using special inserts. The device does not sit perfectly on the hand either, so in the Wasteland there would definitely be a problem with it. Well, at home everything is more or less normal.

    Are you from 111 shelters? Not? This is definitely a problem :)

    Yes, indeed, it suits most types of hands.

    Inside - a game.

    Instructions and everything a gamer needs.

    Poster for a game.

    And this Pip-Boy is next to another artifact, inside of which is the Fallout anthology (with space for a disc with the fourth part). Photo: TheVerge

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