Wireless headphones for the traveler


    For two years I traveled with Creative wired headphones, and they completely suited me, especially with powerful bass, if not for one significant minus - the wires. The wire of these headphones was constantly hooked on other things in the backpack, he got confused and curled. It got to the point that I had to hang a weight on it so that the wire would not curl on my neck aka pigtails.

    “It is time to get rid of the wires,” I thought, and now, for the second month now I’ve been traveling with wireless headphones from Dadget’s company, and now I’ll tell you everything about them:

    I’ll start with the technical details and then move on to the impressions, to experience of use and I’ll remind you again why headphones are needed in your travels, and why you can certainly do without them, but it’s better to travel with them.

    • These headphones work on bluetooth 4.0 technology, as well as the fitness bracelet , about which I recently wrote. This, and of course, the size of the built-in battery allows them to work for a very long time.

    10 hours of continuous music listening . This is truly an impressive result because the headphones are lightweight. Well, I don’t know yet a person who would listen to music for 10 hours without interruptions. In the active mode of life, one charge lasts me for 4-5 days, and on travels it lasts for a whole week. Oh, I would also charge my phone once a week :) By the way, they charge from a full discharge in two and a half hours.

    • Output power of 20 mW (and resistance of 32 ohms). If you describe it with sensations, then the volume will be enough for 80% of people, and the remaining 20% ​​are burnt rockers who need even louder. For the latter, I recommend in this case to take yourself creatives, they are louder. Although the bass is quite fast here, it doesn’t merge into porridge on compositions with heavy rock. And for us, ordinary music lovers have enough volume, both for talking on the phone (yes, yes, you can still talk on them), and for listening to a wide variety of music. Maybe I would not increase the volume, but the bass level in these headphones.


    It is also worth mentioning the radius of action in the claimed 10 meters, and in fact when traveling, in nature, headphones catch all 25 meters. You put the phone in the tent, and you make a fire, chop wood, cook food, go down to Lake Baikal to get some clean water - there’s more than enough headphone range for all this. If we talk about the room - I'm in the most standard apartment of 60 sq.m. I did not find the place where the headphones would stop receiving sound.

    Well, an important aspect for any traveler is weight. And here it is 180 grams. If you take it again in comparison with my past headphones - the weight is identical. How it happened, I do not know, but there are batteries, and there are wires. And they weigh equally little.


    Yes! Not only are these cool wireless headphones, they are still appropriate as a mobile music headset. If you receive an incoming call on your phone, you can immediately answer it without removing the phone from your pocket. A microphone is built into the headphones, and this is another huge plus.

    Wired mode

    What if you go hiking in the mountains, say for a total period of a month, what about the headphones? Did I mention that these headphones are perfect for traveling? They can be either wireless or wired. Therefore, if the battery suddenly runs out in them (for iPhone owners - the headset charge level will be displayed on our display), you simply plug the minijack cable (which is included, yes) into a special connector and continue to enjoy music.

    Folding design

    Foldable design based on a plastic hinge. How long this design will be durable will show my travels, but it looks quite reliable. When folded, the headphones take up little space: they can be put in a special case, put in a backpack, and forward - even on a trip, at least for a walk, to the gym or on a hike. In my small tent, they fit perfectly in a very small pocket:



    • Firstly, they are stylish. Secondly, they are comfortable. The headband for the ear cups is located at a slight angle, which gives a very ergonomic fit of the headphones on the head. The hinged attachment of the cups to the base also contributes to this. The ear pads are made of leatherette, inside there is soft foam. In the summer, with prolonged wearing, the ears sweat and get tired of pressure, of course. But then, with active movements, the headphones do not fly off and do not slide off the head, which is very important for travel.
    • Thirdly, they are simple: when playing music, a single press of the main button pauses, a long press of the plus and minus buttons adjusts the volume, and once presses, we switch between tracks. Upon receipt of a call, a single press on the main button - answer the call, long press - reject the call. Double-clicking on the button will dial the last outgoing number.

    Why do I prefer full-size monitor headphones to regular and lighter earbuds? Yes, because they perfectly insulate me from the outside world. For example, from the noise of a jet engine in an airplane, from the noise of wheels in a train or tram:


    It turns out that the headphones will also help you fall asleep if it is noisy around you.

    And why else do you need headphones when traveling? Why should you take them with you? Is it possible to listen to music or all the same when traveling, you need to keep your ear sharp?

    Music plays a very important role in our lives, and so does in travel. This is the easiest way to go into yourself, go into your inner world. It may be uncomfortable conditions around (a bus from Cambodia to Vietnam), it may be a desire to wake up faster or get a boost of energy when you conquer a mountain or volcano in Hawaii. Music makes our life. Therefore, I always take them with me on trips. And I hope that I was able to show you the benefits of wireless headphones for your travels :)

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    Vladimir Druganov.

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