1000-times increase in popularity of a banned drug article on Wikipedia

    The situation with a possible blocking of Wikipedia was continued.

    As previously reported , by the decision of the Chernoyarsk District Court of the Astrakhan Region, the information on one of the pages of the Russian-language version of the encyclopedia was declared unlawful and forbidden to access on the territory of the Russian Federation. Despite the threats of Roskomnadzor, the Wikipedia editors discussed the situation on the wiki and decided to leave the article on the site .

    Information about the conflict spread in the media, including on federal channels . In full accordance with the effect of Barbara Streisand, the popularity of the “forbidden” article grew by 1000 times in 48 hours .

    Before the speeches of Roskomnadzor, an article about the drug was gaining 30-40 views per day. After the speeches - 30,000 views.

    After the meeting of editors, a compromise decision was nevertheless made, which “will allow Roskomnadzor to save face” without blocking Wikipedia. The forbidden article was not deleted from the site, they simply renamed it. They placed a “page of ambiguity" at the old address, which they had been planning to do for a long time, since the original word has several meanings.

    At the new address, the "forbidden" article also sets records for popularity.

    By the way, amid the conflict, the attendance of the wiki page about Roskomnadzor itself has sharply increased.

    Probably, the conflict can be considered settled on this. Wikipedia did not obey censorship, and Roskomnadzor may pretend that it complied with the court decision. There is no longer any “forbidden content” at the indicated address.

    In general, Jimmy Wales expressed Wikipedia's official position on state censorship on April 8, 2013, in response to an appeal from the Russian authorities to block individual Wikipedia pages: “In my opinion, blocking is always preferable to concession to censors. It is important to understand that the fear of full-scale blocking of the project is based on the fact that some (presumably small) Internet service providers that are unable for technical reasons to block the pages of certain articles will begin to block Wikipedia entirely, referring to the laws of their country. Believe me, those providers who start blocking the whole site, while others only certain pages, will lose customers very, very quickly. We are not weak - we are very strong. To obey the pressure of weak and cowardly politicians - those who fear the spread of knowledge,

    However, with the transition to HTTPS, the situation has changed a bit compared to 2013. Now blocking the entire site will be not only “some small Internet providers”, but all providers without exception. However, the position of Wikipedia remained the same.

    PS In the meantime, Google, Yandex cache and Internet Explorer browser have been included in the federal list of extremist materials .

    UPD 08/25/2015 10:55. Wikipedia removed the lock

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