AfterShokz Trekz Titanium ™: New Version of Bone-Conducted Sound Headphones

    Earphones with an unusual AfterShokz name and even more unusual features were already described by Medgadgets on Geektimes. In fact, these are great headphones that do not cover the ears and direct the sound directly into the inner ear, using the bones of the user's skull as a conductor of sound. Accordingly, while listening to music, the ears remain open, which can be useful for cyclists or runners who like to move along the roads.

    These headphones can work, and as a headset, so that during an exercise important call will not be missed. Now, the developers of the first version of the bone earphones have released the second model, Trekz Titanium ™. Funds for the project are raised at Indiegogo, and the right amount was collected in just a day. Already 2.5 times more money has been raised than originally requested, and there are 39 days left before the campaign ends. Let's see what the developers are offering there this time.

    Key Features of Trekz Titanium ™
    • Bone conduction of sound (we already know this);
    • Ears are not covered by headphones;
    • The titanium headband is lightweight and durable;
    • High-quality stereo sound;
    • Prevention of "leakage" of sound;
    • Protection according to the IP55 standard (headphones are not afraid of sweat or raindrops);
    • 6 hours of battery life;
    • Equalizer;
    • Noise reduction when talking on a headset;
    • Voice prompts;
    • Two-year warranty (not quite a function, but interesting).

    Now a little more detail:



    As mentioned above, the headphones do not cover the ears, so that the cyclist on the road will feel safe. Any sound from a car passing by will be heard, while listening to music or talking, you can not interrupt

    Titanium headband

    The basis of the headphones is a titanium case, this metal was chosen due to its lightness and strength. Plus, the headband bends, and does not break. This allows you to use the gadget without fear of damaging it. Protection

    from water

    Diving in the headphones is not allowed, but they are protected from sweat / raindrops, plus there is also protection against dust.

    Sound quality

    In the past, gadgets that worked with bone conduction technology brought the sound to the inner ear with some distortion. As a result, the sound of ordinary headphones was different from the sound of headphones with bone conduction. Trekz Titanium ™ does not have such a problem, special technology optimizes the sound, so that the sound is almost perfect.

    In this case, the user will easily hear the interlocutor or other sounds.

    Dual microphone

    Two microphones with noise reduction technology allow you to talk in headset mode without any problems.

    What's inside?

    Music playback control

    Headphones also serve as a control panel, with which you can work to manage a music play list, adjust volume and sound parameters. Plus, you can make voice calls.

    Where to buy, and when will the package arrive?

    As already mentioned, the developers launched a campaign to raise funds for their headphones. Now available at $ 99 (one headphone), $ 129 (headphone, t-shirt, belt), $ 189 (two pairs of headphones) and other price positions.

    In addition, in Russia you can order Trekz Titanium ™ from Medgadgets , headphones will be available in February 2016.

    Also currently available is the latest model today - the wireless Aftershokz Bluez2 .

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