NextCastle Party retro zone photo report at Starcon 2015

On the last weekend of July 2015, a three-day Starcon festival was held in St. Petersburg . He was dedicated to cosplay. But at the festival there were stands dedicated not only to costumes and fandoms. The second, after the dressing room, stand was the annual NextCastle Party festival dedicated to indie gamedev and retro games.

The NCP booth was presented by different directions of the festival - an indie zone (where independent developers presented their games), a cyber zone (where players cut into e-sports classics), a lecture hall (where you could attend seminars on the theme of game dev) and a retro zone (about it I will tell in more detail).

I organized the NCP retro zone on Starkon, along with assistants and exhibit owners. I’ll make a reservation right away, we didn’t have a goal to collect the most diverse and variegated exposition (for rarity, welcome to the annual Chaos Constructions ). Devices on Starkon should have been entertaining. So the emphasis was placed on massively popular consoles and computers. However, a couple of rare devices also found a place.

Each exhibit was supposed to work, the goal was an exposition without interior corpses taking their place. On every dinosaur it was possible to play, work, and then torment the owner with questions - completely free and unlimited. It turned out quite cheerfully and I wrote a small report on each piece of iron in the exposition, and Mikhail Vokabre Shcherbakov helped me with the photos, one of the co-organizers of the retro zone.

So, what our visitors played:

1) Microsoft Xbox 360 Leonid Medvedev

The usual pop-box that served all three days of Guitar Hero lovers . More or less decent speakers were added to the large panel. One of the two “not quite retro” consoles on display is just ten years from the date of release. It was supposed to be a stand with four guitars, but for some reason I had to urgently seek a replacement. The neighbors who lent the console helped out, and managed to lash a couple of guitars and games among the organizers.

2) Sony PlayStation 3 Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

The same age as the main opponent of the previous piece of iron. Dragged from ebay and flashed in cfw. Nothing much special - a very common device. Spinning modern games, mostly fighting games and races.

3) Microsoft Xbox 360 Denis Shkurichev A Microsoft Wireless Speed ​​Wheel

controller was connected to this console . Steering in the air is a little strange, but people liked it. 4) Sony PlayStation 3 Denis Shkurichev More serious gaming devices were connected to this console - the Logitech G27 steering wheel and pedals . It was possible to roll enough, and on Gran Turismo 6 we had a contest. 5) Sega Dreamcast Anton Popov

The latest game console from Sega. Sewn into softmod. Despite the good exclusives, a bunch of ported games and the release already a year and a half before the PS2, I could not stay afloat, but I did not become an outright failure. The console is recognizable by giant heavy gamepads with screens. Someone like me, but I always liked them very much.

6) Microsoft Xbox Anton Popov

The original Microsoft prefix, released at the beginning of the century. Inside, a modified Windows 2000. The cones that were hit during production and promotion allowed us to create a very successful Xbox 360. I worked on the exposition almost all Friday, after which one of the visitors formatted a 2Tb hard drive with a bootloader and all the games. Either sabotage or a very unfortunate coincidence of chaotic clicks on the joystick. The owner restored the bootloader until three in the morning of Saturday, uploaded several games and by the middle of Saturday the prefix returned to operation again.

7) Nintendo Wii Nikolay AmoNik Amosov

Prefix from Nintendo, ranked as the seventh generation. Although Nintendo stated that Wii does not compete with the PS3 and Xbox, in fact, this less powerful, inexpensive set-top box managed to bite a good segment of the market. Of course, primarily because of the controllers that you need to point, wave, beat and maim plasma panels. It is stitched into a softmod, the drive is physically soldered. On the game Wii Table Tennis Resort , a small championship was held where I participated, made in the final by a pretty visitor.

8) Sony PlayStation 2 Slim Nikolay AmoNik Amosov

The most popular and long-playing console in history. Slim version. Chipped, without HDD. For this exhibit, funny backlit joysticks and two cool GunCon pistols were found. However, as far as I saw, people preferred to cut into fighting games.

9) Spectrum ZX Evolution Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

The device I collected for Chaos Constructions 2012 device attends every such event without fail. A window in the case allows you to see the board from Nedopc . In one of the bus slots ZXBus inserted board NeoGS , in other connectors without payment, to which it is bolted PAL-coder . Closer to the front panel is the TurboSound FM board . And inside, she has a neonka (s) who reacts to sound (that is, in the conditions of the festival’s hubbub it constantly flickers). He drove all kinds of demos for two days, and on Sunday launched the newest Castlevania: Spectral Interlude, in support of which at one time sent a couple of cents. No wonder - for the Spectrum is very, very cool.

10) Commodore Amiga 1200 Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov and Maria Nelle Yakubchik

This device is in my collection recently. Bought in half with one good girl, that is, for the time being my only half. Belonged to the spektrumist from Kovrov. He came with an IDE hard drive that was connected through a loop thrown out and a half-dead power supply made of AT-shnoy. Through Winuae, I put AmigaOS on the CF card , uploaded games and demos there and put it all in the case along with the adapter from IDE to CF. BP took from his own Amiga 500+. It turned out a solid and powerful demo machine - on board the Axel Blizzard 1230 IVwith 64Mb memory. Right on Starkon I purchased an authentic monitor for it. In short, a solid copy. Only the keyboard will need to be changed - the bottom row of buttons does not work, well, yellow, smoked. Joysticks for this and many other exhibits are used by Sega Megadrive - before each festival or exhibition several of them are bought, doomed to fall under the blows of the merciless fingers of visitors.

11) Commodore Amiga 600 Nikolay AmoNik Amosov

The smallest of all produced Amig. With an 8Mb Fast RAM expander from LVD , in excellent condition. Weighed games from floppy disks, of which there were three trays nearby.

12) Electronics Videosport-3 Anton Fyoui Koptsev

Soviet clone PONG. Very original controllers (some naive visitors tried to “shine” them on the screen in the manner of the Wii Remote), an impressive revolver for a video shooting gallery. Setting up a more or less normal video output from this thing is quite difficult, but people did not pay attention to interference, enthusiastically took pictures and played.

13) Electronics BK0011M Stanislav SKCorp Korovin

A popular Soviet personal computer. Unlike most domestic computers of that time, this is not a copy or rethinking of foreign technology, but an independent family of 16-bit computers partially compatible with PDP-11, SM and DVK. In addition to 0011M, the stand also had a pair of BK0010.01, but they performed a purely decorative function. Toys were chased at BC and a small Tetris tournament was held.

14)Atari Flashback 2 Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

This is not a Chinese clone, but an Atari licensed set-top box with flashed games from the Atari 2600. The plastic case in the form of an Atari 2600 is only half as much. I bought this one because it has River Raid , my favorite since childhood . In general, this console should not have been on display, but there was an extra monitor, so why not. The monitor, however, turned out to be pure PAL ( Commodore 1802 ), and the prefix was pure NTSC. So the image was hardcore black and white.

15) Atari 2600 Maxim Borus

This is just a clone, the same size as the original, but with downloading games from internal memory, not from cartridges. Only antenna output.

16) Atari XE65Vladimir Bazhanov

Positioned as a console with the functions of a home computer. And indeed - in addition to launching games, it can manage files through DOS XE , launch BASIC and other programming languages, and manage peripherals. Very good for an eight-bit platform. XE - the last eight-bit from Atari, were released simultaneously with the 16/32 ST series.

17) Atari 520STE Vladimir Bazhanov

Home PC based on Motorola 68000 processor. It had a MIDI connector and very advanced music software - it was on this platform that the first versions of the Logic and Cubase programs appeared. Many music groups used these computers in studios and at concerts - Queen, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk. It is this machine that the famous chip tuner and member of the Razor 1911 team, the Swede Dubmood, uses for his tracks. A video cable stopped working on this console on Saturday morning. It was uncompromisingly re-soldered and rebuilt.

18) Atari Jaguar Maxim Borus

The stunning failure of Atari, after which the corporation left the segment of video consoles. It was positioned as 64-bit. In fact, terribly little information got into the cartridges and the games looked poor. The output of the buggy Atari Jaguar CD could no longer get the Jaguar out of a tailspin and the console was on the sidelines of history.

This Jaguar refused to read discs in the absence of a native power supply for the CD-extension, so visitors were content with the Kasumi Ninja fighting game . However, not much is lost. The main thing that the console looks just awesome is the techno-gothic black toilet with joysticks and calculators. For centuries.

19) Sega Saturn Maxim Borus

The beginning of the end of Sega. The complex structure of the piece of iron greatly reduced the number of people who wanted to program for it, and Sega lost a little less powerful, but more friendly to the Sony PlayStation igrodelov, and then completely slipped in sales below Nintendo 64. On this console, the disc with Virtua Fighter was spinning with might and main . And a multi-region mod was inserted into the cartridge slot.

20) Nintendo 64 Anton Popov

Good solid 64-bit console from Nintendo. She took an honorable second place in the game console market after the Sony Playstation in her generation. The media is a cartridge that limits the size of the game - almost all N64 games are bright, with rich colors, but the textures are very simple, and there is almost no streaming video anywhere. So on an 8Gb flash drive in a programmable cartridge, almost all the games that came out on this console were great. There were four joysticks for playing together. Also, a loose cartridge led to the emergence of the youtube meme Geddan .

21) Sega Megadrive Anton Fyoui Koptsev

The Chinese clone of Sega means a joystick with a connector for a second joystick. Reads rom-s from an SD card and runs on batteries (worked on two AAs for almost three days). Able to read only US versions of rom-s. He was included in the exhibition on the principle of "there is an extra monitor." No speakers were found for him, however, this didn’t bother anyone.

22) Sony PlayStation 2 Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

Fat version PS2. Acquired with completely killed optics, however, it was taken immediately with an eye to launch images through the internal HDD. After the modem with the IDE connector arrived with ebay, it was immediately ready for use. Many complained that I recorded few games, so the next time I’ll write more.

23) Sony PlayStation Anton Fyoui Koptsev

Classic is a classic. The prefix, which appeared due to the incorrect behavior of Nintendo, whose representatives suddenly violated all agreements and signed a contract for the supply of components with Philips. Sony decided not to lose groundwork and five years later released their prefix which immediately paid competitors. Excellent performance characteristics and a rich baggage of games did their job. In Russia, the console has gained popularity because of simple ways to arrange the release of pirated copies of games.

On this console, the laser unit stopped moving on Saturday. Postings fell off. It was re-soldered and the prefix worked again. And for her, multitap was found . We decided to hold a contest for Quake 2 , but there were no daredevils who wanted to play in a corner of the 80x60 screen. Pff, casuals ... But it was possible to hold a championship inTekken 3 , where a pretty girl taxied everyone.

24) Super Nintendo Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

The most popular 16-bit console in the world. And not at all so popular in Russia. Cartridge technology made handicraft production disadvantageous and a cartridge for SNES was four times more expensive than for Sega. Chinese clones of consoles were also almost not on sale. So in Russia, SNES was far from universal. And then it completely disappeared after the appearance on the PlayStation market.

This is an American set-top box with a bunch of American cartridges. I changed the native unit to 110V for a suitable voltage for 220V.
The PSU overheated and passed out by the end of the third day, so in place of the SNES I put the replacement Sega Megadrive 2 (the pirated PAL version of those years).

25)Sega Megadrive Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

This is my console, which I played in my youth. Finally, I had time to pick up a power supply for it with the correct voltage, clean it from the inside, glue the fallen off power button. At Starkon, it also turned out that it was necessary to solder one of the joystick connectors, which I will do the other day.

You can talk about the console for a long time, but it makes no sense. In Russia, the most popular 16-bit prefix. Almost everyone had it.
All three days a universal Mega Everdrive cartridge was inserted into the slot . A very good universal device with save and support for large roms. It also knows how to emulate the Sega 32X , but I have not bought this piece of hardware yet.

26) Dendy (NES) Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

Stippler’s Junior at the end of the last century. Gave me with broken-down joystick connectors and restored. It works quite stably. There is no PAL / NTSC switch, but the image quality is really good. Joysticks remake, since the original kill is a pity.

27) Sega Genesis 2 Maxim Borus

Second real Sega, even more intrusive real than the first. When turned on, TMSS is output , only “American” get into the cartridge slot, with recesses (however, cartridges from another region will not start). Launches many cartridges that do not pull modern clones.

28) Dendy (NES) Mikhail Mihhru Rudenkov

One-drop remake. It has no problems with PAL / NTSC speeds, but the image is worse than the old clones - a kind of vertical interlacing. At this exhibit, one could shoot ducks on a large 78cm CRT screen.

Further the retro zone was pumped.

Summarizing - the NCP retro zone on Starkon worked very well. People came up and thanked, wrote on social networks. Actually, the gratitude of visitors is the only return that the organizers of the retro zone receive. It does not happen much, but enough to continue to participate in exhibitions, festivals, conventions.

Despite the huge flow of people, nothing was stolen or irretrievably corrupted - this is perhaps most surprising and pleasant for me.

Like this. I do not invite you to upcoming festivals, so as not to advertise. Decide for yourself.

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