How technology has stolen creativity

Original: How Technology Has Hijacked Our Creative Spaces

We literally need to give ourselves a break from technology in order to free our minds.

Recently, I realized that creative ideas are visiting me at a time when ... The Internet is turned off and Wi-Fi is not available. Or when I go for a dog walk and forget my smartphone. Or when I drive home and my smartphone’s battery is low.

Oh sure. I understand perfectly well that this is far from news. Or maybe someone still does not know about this? As for me, this conclusion has opened my eyes to a lot. I never wanted to believe that modern technology is something that can prevent me from being creative. On the contrary, I always thought that technology helps creativity. I can read interesting articles where and when I want. I can use every minute of my free time productively. Just a couple of taps on the smartphone screen, and I can access the endless supply of information and knowledge.

But what's the use? What is the point of stuffing yourself with information if there is still no time to process and assimilate it?

I realized that the brain needs to be given rest from information so that it can function normally. Let him think about what he wants. Allow him to generate absolutely any ideas. But this is almost impossible if you always carry the phone with you, even to the bathroom (oh, just don’t say what you never did there!) If you walk the dog by staring at Facebook. It is almost impossible to force yourself to put a blank sheet in front of you and just think for 15 minutes, wait until the muse comes, because somewhere there are endless streams of ready-made information. There is only one bastion left against modern technology, a place where we can still exclaim “Eureka!”, And this place is a shower. However, as you understand, ordinary common sense suggests that it is impossible to sit there all day and night.

I often give up when I hear a familiar voice in my head that tirelessly repeats that I should not lose a minute. Not to mention the absolutely wild fantasy that you can stay abreast of all events. This is not possible, even if you somehow manage to connect Twitter to your vein. And the worst thing is that every article you look at does not make you smarter or more erudite (in fact, we have not read for a long time), because we just convince ourselves that this is allegedly so .

I want to return my free time! (and don't feel guilty)

I need time to think about life. I need time to think about what and who is around me. I need an uncontrolled stream of thoughts that gives rise to new ideas. I need time to understand what I think about this or that, how I feel, how I see it. I need a time when I can disconnect from constant analysis, and I do not mean “messing up” myself with a scrolling news feed. I want a little time to just look into the distance of space, to feel calm and harmony.

I really want to tell the voice that itches in my head that thinking and reasoning, just being and living is not a waste of time. In fact, you can’t imagine a better life. It is such a life that leads to wisdom; it is such a life that helps us live “here and now.” Say the same to yourself and just go for a walk without a phone.

And another important point. Let's not think about time to relax as a prerequisite for greater productivity. Although, what can I say, rest really allows you to be more effective and creative . Now I'm not talking about that. We need a time where we do not have to be productive, creative, efficient or any other. We need a time when we just eat, when we just watch the world. And how did we manage to make life so hard?

Author: Joanna Boj (Joanna Boj)
Worked on the translation: greebn9k (Sergey Gribnyak), Andrey Khakharev

* Translator's afterword *

Why, in fact, was this article chosen for publication? It seems nothing complicated, common truths. However, gentlemen, let's tell ourselves frankly: “It's all about us!” We, people who are somehow connected with IT, simply merged with smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, super-duper headphones and other sophisticated devices. But creativity in our work is very important!

I really want this article to become, if not a revelation, then at least a reminder that it is necessary not to sometimes “stick off” the screen from time to time. Give yourself at least an hour a day when you can just sit and think. Turn off the computer, put aside tablets, smartphones, even books - just close the “information tap”. Walk, ride bicycles, swim, go to the gym - do something that at least allows you to switch (disconnecting is the best option).

It is advisable to take a shower every day. Let this article become such a “shower." Do not forget that work is work, friends are friends, info-info, but nerves and your own life are more expensive. In general, live, and do not be a hamster on a drum that runs, runs and runs again, but to no avail. Live and protect your health!

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