Windows 10 has a mascot

    Microsoft's Asian divisions announced the creation of a mascot for the future Windows 10 operating system. The personification has no name yet, they plan to choose it as a result of voting.

    The tradition of drawing moe-avatars of OSes originated in the Japanese anonymous Futaba forum. And this is not surprising: the Japanese love to personify inanimate objects and phenomena. For example, each of the prefectures of Japan has a lovely symbol . Mascot OS-tan- these are, as a rule, young girls portrayed in anime style. The characters were originally created by network users who have nothing to do with the Windows marketing department. But due to the obvious popularity, starting with the "seven", the Singapore and Microsoft branches of Microsoft began to create mascots for the Asian market. The phenomenon of OS-tan received official status.

    The new mascot will expand the family of Microsoft characters. It already has the personifications of Internet Explorer ( Inori Aizawa ) and Windows Azure ( Claudia Madobe , voiced by Eri Kitamura). Windows 7 also has an attractive OS-tan: it's Nanami Madobe (voiced by Nana Mizuki). For Windows 8, Microsoft created two characters at once: Yu (voiced by Asuka Nishi) and Ai Madobe (Nao Tamura).

    Mascot of the "Eight"

    Voting for the choice of name for the personification of Windows 10 will begin on June 19. Valuable prizes will be raffled among the participants. The new mascot is a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl from the future a hundred years later. She is an exemplary student and loves technology. For a small part of the day, she works at Akibano Custom Computer Company in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara techno quarter, and plays video games in her free time and helps others.

    As can be seen from the illustration, not only the biography of the character, but also the appearance is ready. The voice of the new OS-tan will be the Seiyu Ai Nonaka , known for her voice acting in Madoka (Kyoko Sakura) and Sad Teacher (Kafka Fura). Expected

    that Windows 10 will reach the release version next month. The OS itself will be released in the summer or early September . There are no signs that would allow us to associate the date of voting by the name of mascot with the date the product was put on sale.

    Voting page

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