143 megapixel camera from the scanner

    The scanners are equipped with exceptionally large photosensitive sensors. They are much larger in size than the sensors in cameras. This fact can be used somehow, and engineer Dario Morelli found a way to do this. He manufactured a medium format camera using an Epson V30 scanner sensor .

    The result is a camera with an incredible resolution of 143 megapixels. This is even more than many professional cameras!

    True, the scanner-camera has several obvious problems. Firstly, it must be constantly connected to a computer and a power source. Secondly, there is no viewfinder and the subject is not displayed on the LCD, as we are used to seeing.

    In addition, the scanner calculates exposure much longer than conventional cameras. He also has limited photosensitivity.

    But, in spite of everything, the gadget still works, and records images with an exceptionally high resolution of 143 MP, so you can close your eyes to the flaws. In addition, we now have knowledge on how to use an old unnecessary scanner.

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