How do they make winter in Dubai

    In my opinion, you eat too much. (Shirley-myrli)

    In Dubai, on the islands of the Heart of Europe , where in the summer 40 degrees and in winter the minimum temperature is + 8 degrees, we decided to arrange a winter. The head of the Kleindienst Group told 7DAYS that there will be snow and rain on the islands.


    The goal of the Kleindienst Group is to prove that it is possible to snowfall using technical equipment even in Dubai, where the temperature never drops to zero. Snowmakers will be installed on selected streets of the Heart of Europe: in Austria, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland and St. Petersburg. The project will be launched next week in time for the New Year.

    Climate control plan was born from the 150-year-old idea of ​​Austrian architect Camilo Zitte. This urban planner said that the best modern city is a city where everything you need will be within walking distance. So in the Heart of Europe even a snowman will be within walking distance.

    Rain will be provided by systems similar to those used in Hollywood on the set of the film. The same thing with snow - cars make snow and then it falls from the sky. At the same time, the temperature is regulated using a pipe system.

    By the end of 2016, the climate control project on the constructed archipelago will be completed.


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