Bicycle thieves search for victims through social networks

    Humberside County Police have reported cases of thefts of expensive bicycles made using information obtained through sites that track your bike’s location. These resources include Strava, Map My Ride, and popular social networks.


    Owners of bicycle shops report that more and more victims of thieves turn to them, who claim that it was the above-mentioned sites that led the attackers to their expensive bikes.

    How to deal with this problem? What do the experts say? First of all, you need to keep security settings enabled on mobile applications. In addition, on your pages on social networks such as Facebook, it is better to refrain from posting photos of your favorite bike worth up to several thousand pounds. After all, a simple search by name in Strava will easily reveal to the attacker where your trips end, i.e. your actual address. If we take into account that many owners of expensive bikes prefer to store them in poorly protected from breaking sheds, and even spare money for a good bicycle lock, then it becomes clear that the thief just has to choose the best time to steal.

    For example, in the Strava application, you can choose a setting that sets a private zone within a certain radius of your home. This will hide your real address from thieves, since the application will mask your future route as soon as you enter this zone.

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