"Cardboard dope" or art objects? Corrugated board mechanisms

    One of the new trends in the DIY world is the growing interest in mechanisms made of wood and even corrugated board. Readers are well aware of Nintendo Labo and Ugears, but it’s one thing to assemble a “prefabricated” designer, and another to make parts.

    Some of these models overlap with the brands listed above. Like, for example, a “motor manipulator” - similar to what will be included in the Variety Kit, but not requiring a Switch, but a regular smartphone.

    "Organ" instead of the same console is satisfied ... with a balloon.

    "Safe" will not stand in front of bare hands, but sometimes tamper evidence is enough.

    A “two-level safe” requires a one-bit code, then a three-bit one.

    Or maybe you prefer a “safe” with a keyboard?

    "Safe" without a code at all - a visual aid on the topic "security through obscurity."

    In the mechanical version of the game Duck Hunt there is only one “duck”, but it is reusable. To send her into a “swoon”, a light ball of foil is enough, but she will surely “come to her senses”.

    You can also recreate other games, for example, Mario, Flappy Bird and the previously unknown Ouchy Bird.

    A two-ruble coin will return a machine for playing skibol, and will give the player three balls for a five-ruble coin. He also returns balls abandoned into the upper slot, which is more difficult to get into, and picks up those who fall into the lower slot before the next game.

    Where arcade machines, there are vending. One of them sells iPhones in boxes, and quite successfully - until one of the buyers spreads a rumor about his lack of a back wall.

    The seeds dispenser takes into account such modern trends as flat tariff and conditional access.

    Some cardboard models put pressure on nostalgia. The replica of the game “Driving” is brutal: the engine in it is network.

    And this analogue of the Armatron robot arm will give goosebumps to any fearful vaccine.

    Homemade almost "Minikegli-M" in size is close to the prototype.

    The model of the tape recorder had to be made larger than the original - but valid.

    A “typewriter" simply replaces a sheet with another on which something is printed.

    The “player” will decorate your interior, even if you do not listen to vinyl, but are not indifferent to the visual component of the process. And it will help to find application for a spinner that has gone out of fashion.

    Perhaps it’s time to stop, otherwise the article will turn out to be too long. There are many models, they are very diverse, but one thing unites them: the corrugated cardboard mechanisms have very low wear resistance. They should rarely be used, remembering that they are primarily sculptures, and only secondly - kinetic.

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    Which models do you like?

    • 6.8% "Motor Manipulator" 6
    • 21.5% Organ 19
    • 19.3% Safe 17
    • 12.5% “Two-level safe” 11
    • 12.5% Safe with Keyboard 11
    • 7.9% Safe without code 7
    • 11.3% Analog Duck Hunt 10
    • 11.3% Analog Mario 10
    • 4.5% Analog Flappy Bird 4
    • 3.4% Ouchy Bird 3 Analog
    • 4.5% Skibol 4
    • 3.4% "Machine with iPhones" 3
    • 3.4% Seed Distributor 3
    • 10.2% “Driving” 9
    • 62.5% Roboruk 55
    • 6.8% Almost “Minikegli-M” 6
    • 7.9% “Tape counter” 7
    • 5.6% Typewriter 5
    • 3.4% "Player" 3
    • 3.4% Custom (in the comments) 3

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