LiteManager remote access, import substitution TeamViewer and DameWare

    Many people use computer remote control programs, both for personal needs and for commercial purposes, most of these programs are of foreign origin, although there are domestic counterparts, in light of the growing trend of import substitution of foreign goods, we will try to figure out whether it is possible to replace foreign software with a domestic analogue.


    There are many programs, but let's focus on the well-known brands of TeamViewer, DameWare and domestic LiteManager .
    Before we begin to compare and analyze them, let's justify the economic feasibility of the import substitution process itself, is there any sense in this?

    Licensing Cost Comparison

    The licensing policies of the programs are slightly different, so let's try to bring everything to one denominator and reduce the result to a table, for the standard we will take the cost and licensing conditions of the TeamViewer program.
    Type of licenseTeamviewerLiteManager (HelpDesk license)DameWare (licensed admin.)
    (For individual technical support professionals and administrators)
    27900 rub.

    Accounts 1 (3).

    Channels / concurrent users 1.

    Uncontrolled access 200.
    15000 rub.

    Accounts - no limits.

    Channels 1. Concurrent users - unlimited.

    Uncontrolled access - no restrictions.
    RUB 28,535

    Accounts 1.

    Channels - Unlimited. Concurrent users 1.

    Uncontrolled access - no restrictions.
    (Additional features for small teams or individual users)
    59 200 rub.

    Accounts 50.

    Channels / concurrent users 1.

    Uncontrolled access 400.
    15000 rub.

    Accounts - no limits.

    Channels 1. Concurrent users - unlimited.

    Uncontrolled access - no restrictions.
    RUB 28,535

    Accounts 1.

    Channels - Unlimited. Concurrent users 1.

    Uncontrolled access - no restrictions.
    (For large groups that require simultaneous sessions)

    Licenses for 3 channels.
    (or for 3 different users in the case of DameWare).
    128700 rub.
    (100200 rubles. Until 29-02-16)

    Accounts 200.

    Channels / simultaneous users 3.
    (each additional channel
    45200 rubles)

    Uncontrolled access 1000.
    45000 rub.

    Accounts - no limits.

    Channels 3. Concurrent users - unlimited.
    (each additional channel is
    15,000 rubles.)

    Uncontrolled access - without restrictions.
    83 727 rub.

    Accounts 3.

    Channels - Unlimited. Simultaneous users 3.
    (each additional user is approximately 27,000 rubles).

    Uncontrolled access - without restrictions.

    Links from where data about the cost of licenses were taken. ( TeamViewer , LiteManager , DameWare )

    It is worth noting that LiteManager has two types of licensing, besides HelpDesk a license for the number of channels, there is also a standard license for the number of remote computers, 300 rubles. per device. There is a 20% discount on direct purchases.
    There is one more nuance: when switching from version to version, TeamViewer, for example, from 10 to 11, has to buy a new license each time.

    Free version available

    Many will be especially interested in the availability of the so-called free version, if any.
    The DameWare program will not please us with the availability of a free version.
    But TeamViewer offers to use its program only for non-commercial purposes, having worked for a short time only a couple of times a day, it is possible to receive a notification about a session limit of 5 minutes.
    LiteManager offers a free version for working with 30 computers, but with limited functionality, it can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

    Comparison of speed and convenience

    TeamViewer proved to be excellent, everything is simple, convenient and fast, I think this is the best solution for quick remote support via the Internet.
    LiteManager was not as fast as TeamViewer, the connection by ID was established more slowly, but after reading a little information, it turned out that for comfortable work via the Internet it is better to select “new NOIP” in the options for connecting by ID or configure your personal ID router .
    In DameWare, you can work on the Internet by ID through an Internet proxy .
    To work on a local network, it is easier to use DameWare or LiteManager, and DameWare is much more convenient to use on a domain network.

    The functional capabilities of the programs differ, therefore, it is better to compare technical specifications in a one-on-one format.

    Compare TeamViewer and LiteManager

    Both programs can be installed on a computer or run without installation (QuickSupport mode), when you start TeamViewer displays the main window in which your ID and password are indicated, you need to tell it to another user to connect to you or you can enter a partner ID in order to connect to him.

    To create a list of computers and contacts, you must register, which requires the Internet. For remote work, there are two main modes of desktop management and file transfer, text chat, audio-video chat, conferences, screen translation and much more for more advanced use, such as the ITBrain monitoring module, connection via a web interface, etc. .

    The LiteManager program consists of two main parts: Viewer, the main module that allows you to view and manage remote computers, and Server, which is the client module installed on the remote computer. It turns out that there is a clear separation between the host and the managed computer; this is convenient for administering a large number of computers. LiteManager can work in a closed local network; the Internet is not required to create a contact list.
    It is possible to set the ID as you wish, for example, you can specify any combination of numbers or letters.

    The main modes are available for work: desktop management, file transfer, chat, screen demonstration and additional advanced features, such as screen recording, built-in “HelpDesk” service, etc.
    It is possible to configure your personal router ID in the program.

    Compare DameWare and LiteManager

    The DameWare program impresses with its capabilities, rich features, for example, deep domain integration, remote installation, support for various RDP, VNC, Intel AMT technologies and much, much more that may be required in a large domain network with a large number of computers. For remote work, modes of connecting to the desktop, file transfer, etc. are offered. To configure such a program and work with it in a domain network, the administrator needs good qualifications.

    The LiteManager program offers a number of similar DameWare functions, for example, there is the possibility of importing computers from a domain, the function of remote installation, searching for computers on a network, and the ability to centrally manage settings. There is support for the RDP protocol.


    Based on the economic justification and general technical characteristics, import substitution is possible, if you go deeper into technical details, then here everyone has to individually decide for himself which program is more suitable for him.

    Sources of materials and pictures are taken from the sites of the programs in question.
    LiteManager remote access to a computer
    TeamViewer user support
    DameWare domain administration

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